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Trivia: Flash Gordon

The Franchise

The film

  • Americans Hate Tingle: The movie didn't do great in the US, but it was a mega hit in Great Britain. So much so that it's considered a classic there.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!: Ming never actually says "Pathetic earthlings, who will save you now?" Except in the trailer.
    • Ming does say "Pathetic earthlings", a lot. (ie. "Pathetic earthlings, hurling yourself out into the void...")
  • Doing It for the Art: Playing Vultan was BRIAN BLESSED's lifelong dream.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Yes, it's an All-Star Cast (including BRIAN BLESSED), but Deep Roy is Aura's valet and Riff-Raff is Barin's dragon Fico.note 
  • Promoted Fanboy: BRIAN BLESSED has admitted in interviews that when he and his brother used to play a game based on the TV series he always wanted to be Vultan. Decades later he got to play the same childhood game on the big screen.
  • Stillborn Franchise: The actors signed up for a trilogy of films a la Star Wars, and there was a spinoff children's TV show.
  • Throw It In: Flash jumping into the camera screaming "YEAH!" was an improvisation by Sam Jones, as nobody could figure out how to end the movie.
  • Vindicated by Cable
  • What Could Have Been: All actors were signed for three movies, but problems with star Sam J. Jones during post-production (which led to Same Language Dub) pretty much killed the trilogy.
    • The first draft of the script had, among other things, no Kala, Klytus being psychic, a Tiger Man aiding Flash, Ming having a group of Amazon warriors, and a proper swordfight between Flash and Ming.
    • Directors considered for this film included Federico Fellini and Nicholas Roeg.

The 2007 series:

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