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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Flash Gordon

2007 TV series

The 2007 series's Ming is Flash's father
First, Ming was revealed to be Caucasian rather than an Asian type.

Then there was a throwaway reference to time dilation between Earth and Mongo - enough for Ming's daughter to have been born after Mr. Gordon was trapped there.

Then there was the reveal that Ming was chasing the youth vampire because she had been keeping him young. A Fountain of Youth is necessary for this theory, since Ming is {physically} younger than Mr. Gordon. It so happens that there is one.

The twist at the end of the 'trapped on Mongo' two-parter — that the prisoner was lying about Mr. Gordon being executed — makes this theory more likely.

1980 movie

Mongo in the 1980 movie became the world of The Big O
After Flash saved Mongo and Earth, the Mongans were ruled over by Prince Barrin peaceably. But Prince Barrin abandoned Mongo to become a certain secret agent. Then Mongo descended into chaos. The Mongans became darker and more mundane until their entire way of life became dreary. All that remained was the hope of a great hero to save them and Flash Gordon's theme music - which the theme music of The Big O sounds suspiciously like.

The Original Comic-Strip/The Franchise in General

Flash Gordon is an alternate universe counterpart to Superman
  • He's in many ways the inverse of Superman. Whereas Superman is an alien who comes to Earth and uses his fantastic powers to perform heroic deeds, Flash is an earthling who goes an alien planet where he uses nothing but his Bad Ass Normal skills to perform heroic deeds. Moreover, his classic appearance (blond and clad primarily in red with blue and gold accents) contrasts with Superman's (dark-haired and clad primarily in blue with red and gold accents). Both have "girl-reporter" love interests (Lois Lane and Dale Arden), and a Smart Guy sidekick(Professor Emil Hamilton and Dr Hans Zarkof). They also have arch-nemeses in the form of a bald egomaniac with a thing for green and purple (Lex Luthor and Ming the Merciless). Both villains view their respective heroes similarly (Luthor sees Superman as a challenge to his narcissistic belief that he is the ultimate human being, as well as to his control of Metropolis. Ming sees Flash as a threat to his fascist belief in Mongonian superiority, as well as his control over Mongo). Finally, the portrayal of Krypton in the silver-age is similar enough to Mongo (both being neo-medieval, science-fiction wonderlands) to be seen as an alternate version of the same planet.

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