Awesome / Flash Gordon

The Comics
  • Dale gets one for saving Flash from being poisoned by Queen Azura's advisors. Even cooler is that he's been brainwashed by Azura and has no idea who Dale is, yet she still risks her neck to save him.
  • One strip had Flash and the others attacked by a carnivorous plant; Dale took up his gun to try and rescue him. While her attempt failed, she wasn't a distressed damsel all the time.
  • Flash and Ming's famous sword fight.

The film
  • If you weren't ready to cheer for Flash Gordon the instant you heard his theme song (by Queen!), then Flash Gordon was not the movie for you. What is most impressive is that we hadn't even been introduced to Flash yet.
  • Ming's entrance, set to an awesomely unsettling score.
  • The football fight scene, made even more awesome by the fact that Flash was winning until Zarkov threw badly.
  • Flash tricking Prince Barin into dropping his guard by pretending the Wood Beast bit him.
  • Mano-a-mano combat on a swiveling disc suspended high in the stratosphere, with spikes, with the combatants armed with whips. What's not to love?
  • His later Crowning Moment is to capture War Rocket Ajax alongside the Hawkmen, then blow most of it up. He decides to stay and pilot the ship so that it'll crash into the lightning field surrounding Ming's palace, which will deactivate it and kill him in the process. Seconds before he hits it, Dr. Zarkov turns the shield off, and the wedding crowd watches in horror as War Rocket Ajax crashes through the window and stabs Ming the Merciless in the back with its pointy nose.
  • It's funny how no one remembers the one-hit wonder who played the titular Mr. Gordon, but everyone remembers who played ... Princess ... Aura.
  • Prince Barin: [Takes Flash's hand] "Where you go, I follow."
    • After his Heel–Face Turn, Prince Barin became a walking fountain of Crowning Moments, the first being his and Flash's double-teaming of Klytus.
  • Zarkov resisting brainwashing by thinking of any piece of human culture that pops into his head.
  • Dale's escape from the Harem. First she tricks one of the slaves into getting drunk and changing clothes with her, then she beats the shit out of the first guard to cross her path, starts a gunfight in which she kills two more before beating up a fourth, and then... picks up her heels and gets the heck out of Dodge. Flawless escape.

The cartoon
  • The series has very impressive rotoscoping, especially the spaceships and main characters.
  • Any of Flash's slave revolts.
  • Barin gets one when he shoots a carnivorous plant with an ice arrow, freezing it over instantly.
  • Dale takes up Ming's sword to smash his computers.
  • When Flash, Thunn and Princess Ariel face the horrific guardian monster, Zak, the monster seizes Thunn in his jaws and Ariel advises that they run as the monster feeds. Flash glares at her with an unspoken "Lady, that's not the way I roll!" and finds a way to save Thunn and then kill the monster with nothing but his wits. That is so unprecedented to Ariel that she doesn't know what lies ahead considering nobody had ever gotten past Zak before!

Flash Gordon Zeitgeist
  • This moment from issue 8.