Trivia: Fighting Fantasy

Trivia Tropes

  • Contest Winner Cameo: There was a competition held for the 30th anniversary book Blood of the Zombies; winners had their names appear in the book, usually as victims of the zombies. (One of the winners was Labour MP and future Deputy Leader of the party Tom Watson.)
  • Executive Meddling: Supposedly, one of the reasons the original series published by Puffin came to an end was because the publishers wanted to reduce the books to 300 references to make them 'easier'.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The final books of the original Puffin series are very hard to come by, and only a handful of them have been released under Wizard Booksnote . Another setback has been added with the decision to relaunch the Wizard range again.
    • There are a number of other spin-off products which are difficult to find - Warlock magazine, which notably included several mini-adventures such as a sequel to Appointment with F.E.A.R., and the two-player adventure Clash of the Princes are amongst them.
  • Missing Episode: Bloodbones, intended to be book number 60 in the original 1980s-1990s range, was never published before the series ended, leaving the series ending somewhat unevenly at number 59. It enjoyed a practically mythical status amongst fandom for over a decade before it was finally published by Wizard in 2006. New gamebooks have been published after Bloodbones as well, so it's no longer even the final episode.
  • Name's the Same: Series co-creator Steve Jackson has written several books in the series, but there are three further books, Scorpion Swamp, Demons of the Deep and Robot Commando, which as normal (for the peak-period UK editions at least), say "Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone present..." on the cover, and give "Steve Jackson" as the author on the title page without mentioning anywhere that it's not the same person. Confused yet? To clarify, the Fighting Fantasy series creator is the British writer/game designer Steve Jackson, founder of Games Workshop. The north-American writer/game designer Steve Jackson, founder of Steve Jackson Games, wrote those three books... for the other one's series.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • There is a rumour that it is possible to win The Citadel of Chaos without rolling dice. This isn't true - you must do battle at least once. Towards the end, there is a hydra you can fight. It is possible to avoid fighting the hydra if you have the golden fleece, but to get that you need the silver comb, and to get that you need to fight and kill a Gark.
    • The Internet would have you believe that you have to kill the bonekeeper in Crypt of the Sorcerer. You don't. In fact, absolutely nothing good comes of attacking him.
    • A rumour persists that Legend of Zagor was actually written by Keith Martin and not Ian Livingstone because of how little it resembles Livingstone's usual gamebooks; rather than requiring the player to follow one specific path to win, it is more like Martin's in that it keeps track of previous events and many of the encounters are optional. However, in 2014 this particular legend turned out to be true when Livingstone confirmed it in "You Are The Hero", a book on the history of the series.

General Trivia

  • Nearly every book in the series has 400 references (although there are a number of exceptions, ranging from Starship Traveller with 343 (the last three references are all explanations of the combat system) to Howl of the Werewolf with 515). This number was hit upon when it was discovered that the completed version of the first book, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, had 399 references; Steve Jackson added an extra reference (supposedly not reachable and there solely to make up the numbers) to round things up.