Heartwarming / Fighting Fantasy

  • The ending of Legend of the Shadow Warriors if you choose to show compassion towards the Undead Big Bad who plans to bring a Zombie Apocalypse upon the world by forgiving him and giving him LIFE rather than death with The Spear of Doom, this act of kindness will give him back his humanity in soul AND body. The book ends with "you putting your arms around an old man, crying with the simple joy of being alive" as you help him begin his path to redemption. Yes, an emotionally mature and morally sound ending to a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, supposedly targeted at violent adolescents.
  • In Scorpion Swamp, if you lose a duel (that ends when one person hits the other) with a group of brigands, you have to give them a valuable item. If your valuable item is the only item you own and you hand it over, then they are taken aback by your honesty and insist you take it back.