Trivia / Emma

The Wrestler

  • Dye Hard: Is a natural brunette.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Emmacrats
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Zig-zagged to the point of parody: In July 2014, Emma was arrested for shopliftingnote  and was subsequently fired from the WWE a few days later. About two hours after the word got out, she was promptly reinstated following the backlash from fans due to the fact that other members of the roster kept their jobs after doing worse things (most notably Jack Swagger, who got arrested for a DUI whilst possessing marijuana, and Cameron, who also got busted for a DUI, lied about where she worked and unsuccessfully tried to bribe the arresting officer), and the potential damage it would do to the WWE brand if websites like TMZ picked up the story, did some digging and brought up all the myriad crimes that various superstars have committed, but weren't sacked for.
  • Romance on the Set: Dating Zack Ryder.

The 1972 Miniseries

  • Dawson Casting: Humorously, not for Emma herself (though Godwin does appear more mature than her 22 years), but John Carson was 45, eight years older than Mr. Knightley's 37 (and it shows).

The 1996 Film

  • Fake Brit: Paltrow, though her accent is generally fairly solid, has some fairly glaring moments of accent slippage.

The 2009 Miniseries

  • Dawson Casting: Romola Garai was 26, five years older than Emma's 21 (and a decade older than Emma at 16, in the prologue of the film).