Heartwarming: Emma

  • The alfresco strawberry picking party at Donwell Abbey. It radiates heart-warmth. Mr Knightley's estate is a paradise in England. The abundance of strawberries and orchard trees in bloom — oddly unseasonal for June — but it fits to the idea of pastoral countryside.
  • This mental rant of Emma's:
    Emma: There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart. There is nothing to be compared to it. Warmth and tenderness of heart, with an affectionate, open manner, will beat all the clearness of head in the world, for attraction, I am sure it will. It is tenderness of heart which makes my dear father so generally beloved — which gives Isabella all her popularity. — I have it not —but I know how to prize and respect it. Harriet is my superior in all the charm and all the felicity it gives. Dear Harriet! I would not change you for the clearest-headed, longest-sighted, best-judging female breathing. Oh! the coldness of a Jane Fairfax! Harriet is worth a hundred such — And for a wife — a sensible man's wife — it is invaluable. I mention no names; but happy the man who changes Emma for Harriet!
  • Mr Knightley playing with his nieces and nephews. e's a fun uncle who adores them and they love him in turn. Similarly, Emma is a great and loving aunt. The line about her telling her nephews John and Henry a story about Harriet and gypsies and how they corrected her every time she deviated from her original account is very sweet and very accurate. Children always correct the narrators if their stories vary even in the slightest.
  • Mr Knightley's Love Confession to Emma in the Paltrow/Northam version. "I rode through the rain — but I'd ride through worse than that if I could just hear your voice telling me I might at least have some chance to win you...!" Try not to swoon, ladies — but you probably will anyway.