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Trivia: Dream Theater
  • Attention Deficit Creator Disorder: Mike Portnoy, with side-projects such as Liquid Tension Experiment, OSI, and Trans Atlantic, and even moreso after he left the band. Also Jordan Rudess, who, as of 2013, has been working on no less than four musical projects note  and continuing to develop and promote various apps note  and technologiesnote .
  • Audience Participation Song: James will often get the crowd into singing along with the band, but that's nothing compared to Portnoy's Audience Participation Drum Solos, complete with call-and-response "Shave and a Haircut".
  • Black Sheep Hit: "Pull Me Under". Several subtle clues line the artwork for Greatest Hit ...and 21 other pretty cool songs, such as "Pull Me Under" highlighted in gold on the back cover; the front cover's subtle red text reading Greatest Hit; and the reoccuring motif of a seagull's feces staining things (the inner gatefold image shows 22 umbrellas, with only one bearing with a shitstain. Hmmm…)
    • To be fair, the band is amicable with the song, but do not enjoy the culture of Fan Dumb and Executive Meddling that surrounds it. In fact, Portnoy cited fan complaints about not hearing "Pull Me Under" in concerts as the basis for his song about the band's own Unpleasable Fanbase, "Never Enough."
  • Creative Differences: One of the reasons Kevin Moore left the band after Awake (the others being his increasing alienation from bandmates and Reclusive Artist behaviour), and the main reason Dominici left after When Dream and Day Unite. (The band did not have major issues with Dominici but felt his vocals did not fit their style particularly well - Portnoy called the result "like having Billy Joel singing in Queensr˙che -, and he amicably left the band after the album was recorded.)
  • Creator Breakdown:
    • Many songs came from Mike Portnoy's problems while writing the lyrics.
      • The "Twelve-step Suite" is a series of five songs in twelve parts written by him, which chronicles his experience with alcoholism; also known as the "Alcoholics Anonymous suite". "The Mirror" is also about alcohol, written well before he became sober.
      • "The Best of Times", from Black Clouds & Silver Linings and "A Change of Seasons", from A Change Of Seasons were written about his late father and mother, respectively.
      • "Never Enough", from Octavarium, is a Take That towards DT's Unpleasable Fanbase. invoked
      • "Honor Thy Father", from Train of Thought, is a Take That towards Portnoy's stepfather.
      • The unreleased "Raise the Knife" is about Kevin Moore's departure from the band.
    • Kevin Moore also contributed "6:00" (about getting sick to work with the band) and "Space-Dye Vest", the latter of which is just depressive in general, both from Awake.
    • John Petrucci wrote "Take Away My Pain", from Falling into Infinity, after his late father.
      • Also, "A Nightmare to Remember", from Black Clouds & Silver Linings, is about a car accident where he was involved as a child.
      • "Wither", also from BC&SL, is about writer's block.
    • James LaBrie also has his share:
      • "Disappear", from Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, was written after he observed a young couple in a mall and wondering about what they would do when one of them dies.
      • "Vacant", from Train of Thought was written about the helplessness he and his wife felt after their daughter suffered a severe seizure.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: James LaBrie has sung several songs in the point of view of female protagonists. Notable examples include Scenes From a Memory note  and "Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence" note .
  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
  • Meme Acknowledgment:
    • In a magazine interview, John Petrucci said he thought the Psycho Exercises Gag Dub videos were hilarious. On the extra material of the Chaos in Motion tour DVD, he imitated them.
    • There was also a show in Perth, Australia that had to be moved to a new venue, among other complications, so a fan created a parody of The Fall. Portnoy saw it, thought it was hilarious and proceeded to have it played before the first song at the show.
  • One-Hit Wonder: Only "Pull Me Under" charted high enough to be considered a real hit. The band lampshaded this with the title of their Greatest Hits Album: Greatest Hit (...And 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Falling into Infinity was supposed to be a double album, but the record label wanted it to be less proggy and more radio-friendly. Also, a shorter version of the song "Metropolis Part 2", before it was turned into an album, was going to appear in the second disc.
    • Petrucci felt that Metropolis Pt. 2 needed a "heavier and larger" mix and called in Kevin Shirley was to remix it, but due to time constraints, Bottrill's original mixes of "Regression", "The Dance of Eternity", "One Last Time" and "Finally Free" were left on the album.

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