Funny / Dream Theater

  • The commentaries the band do for their DVDs are hilarious. Also any time Derek Sherinian is on screen during the 5 Years in a Livetime DVD. Derek, what are you doing? "Making history! And you?"
  • James LaBrie rapping about being Canadian.
  • Any moment the band members are goofing off in the Chaos in Progress documentary about the making of Systematic Chaos, particularly the scene of endless practice and ending with John Myung snapping.
    • James LaBrie sings the chorus of "Prophets of War"... with a Spanish accent.
    • Jordan's random reactions whenever he's on camera.
    • At one point, Mike retells how Jordan once told the band he had a dirty organ, and they didn't think he was talking about the instrument. Jordan found it amusing.
    • The engineer messing with James when he asks to remove the distorting during the recording of "The Dark Eternal Night".
    • James's reaction when he tries to give out an angry shout during "Prophets of War" while Petrucci shakes him.
  • Their 2014 set at Sonisphere Knebworth has a subtlely humourous moment when after finishing the chorus on "On the Backs of Angels", James got distracted by one of the thrill rides, and remarked to the audience, "Gee, I wish I was on that thing!"
  • On the Octavarium tour, someone threw a bra onto the stage, and James hung it on Mike's drum set without stopping once. Between James's baffled reaction and the Aside Glance that follows, it's hard to tell which is funnier.
  • Outside the progressive metal fanbase, they are mostly known for their only hit single "Pull Me Under". What do they call their Best Of album? Greatest Hit (...and 21 Other Pretty Cool Songs)
  • "In the Name of God", for the most part, is all tense and doom and gloom... and then suddenly, at 9 minutes in, IT'S SAMBA TIME! It's very much welcome after hearing James singing about the Waco Siege.
    • The band themselves even look amused when they start playing it on Live at Budokan.
  • During the outro to "The Mirror" on Breaking the Fourth Wall, James spotted a few audience members dancing to the song. Unfortunately they weren't shown on camera, but James still found it Actually Pretty Funny.