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Nightmare Fuel: Dream Theater
  • Scenes From a Memory is incredibly unsettling. It begins with a very calm hypnotist and then his patient relating information. All of the spoken word aspects are very monotone, but the singing sounds strangely upbeat and then the background noises start getting harder to ignore.
    • "Open your eyes, Nicholas." * THUD* * static*
    • Especially disturbing as the "Open your eyes" comes up earlier in the song: " * BANG* * SCREAM* "Open your eyes, Victoria" * BANG* ". The whole murder scene is incredibly creepy simply because it's related with sound rather than lyrics.
  • The last 2 minutes of "Misunderstood". Last Note Nightmare indeed.
  • Don't cross the crooked step!
  • "Panic Attack." The lyrics are disjointed and the music is chaotic to symbolize a panic attack, and hot damn. It makes you feel as if you're having one. If you're prone to panic attacks, you'll know that it's pretty accurate.
    • Similarly, all of Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence can be Nightmare Fuel to anyone who has one of the disorders the songs are based on. Dream Theater does a disturbingly good job conveying these sort of things in music.
  • "In The Presence of Enemies: Part 2" begins with the sound of wind followed by a very creepy bass and piano part. James LaBrie's singing in this section also helps with making you feel uneasy.
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