Heartwarming / Dream Theater

  • It's hard not to listen to "The Spirit Carries On" without having a smile on your face by the end of the song.
  • The finale of "Finally Free" ( before the ending kills the mood) from Metropolis, pt 2.
    "We'll meet again my friend...someday soon..."
  • "I Walk Beside You" has what are possibly the most inspirational lyrics in any Dream Theater album. The song conveys the message that no matter how bad a situation may be for you, there is always someone who wants to help you through it.
    • Of that same album, "The Answer Lies Within".
  • The last segment of "Illumination Theory".
  • "Caught in a Web" is the band's tribute to people suffering from body image/social image issues, and them telling said people that it's alright to not be what others consider "attractive".
  • "The Count of Tuscany" is Nightmare Fuel all the way through, until the narrator finds out that the titular Count meant no harm and apologises for the confusion.
  • The entire band as a whole is this, they all show love and care for each other, such as when they all pulled James out of his stump (and especially when he was debating leaving the band) after damaging his vocals during the Alive tour. Mike himself (before he sadly went into Jerk Ass territory later on..) even showed love and care for his bandmates, especially towards Jordan, Petrucci, and Myung (especially when you remember they formed the band together).
  • A heartwarming case with the fact that Mike and Jordan Ruddess finally met up, making fans feel happy to know those two are still friends.
  • Their many, many songs based on mental disorders can be a mixture of this trope and Tear Jerker, as they're handled incredibly tastefully and can be considered to raise awareness of an issue that is frequently neglected and marginalised in society. But they're also quite emotionally affecting for people who know someone who suffers from one of the disorders in said songs, or worse still, for people who suffer from one of them themselves. One could consider some of these songs heartwarming tearjerkers. Their work with the charity Save a Warrior for "The Enemy Inside" also counts.