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Trivia: Demo Reel
  • Actor Allusion: In the Lost in Translation episode, Donnie and Uncle Yo run into a cosplayer dressed as The Nostalgia Critic. Donnie has no idea who she's supposed to be; Uncle Yo quips that she's dressed as some homeless person.
  • Colbert Bump: "Blue Patches" got more people aware of A Patch Of Blue and Elizabeth Hartman. Considering how she ended her life, that's pretty sweet.
  • Creator Breakdown: The more the show went into Donnie's backstory the more it became apparent that was writing about his own regret for mocking child actors like Jake Lloyd and Mara Wilson.
  • Dawson Casting: Inverted. Donnie is 42, and Doug Walker is about ten years younger. As Doug makes no attempt to make himself look older, it's a weird age choice.
    • Rebecca was 23 but Rachel was 21 when the show aired, which makes her partly improvised speeches about harassment and already feeling washed up in the industry even sadder.
  • Fan Nickname: The Fanatic Fan Family have earned the surname "Yanderes".
  • Fandom Nod: One of the early criticisms of the show (that didn't have to do with the Nostalgia Critic) was that the series premise was too similar to Be Kind Rewind. Doug eventually hung a lampshade on this in the show.
    • Before Demo Reel began, fans noticed that Rob always got the most fanservicey shots of Doug, whether it was him in the shower or just showing He Had Legs. So, in Transformers, Karl's camera being in love with Donnie gets lampshaded in the first five minutes.
    • Doug's characters have been shipped together since the dawn of fanfic writing, so that might be why Critic acts so seductively against Doug in The Review Must Go On.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Uncle Yo and Egoraptor both make appearances in Episode 3 and Mara Wilson voices Donnie's wife..
    • Most obviously, The Nostalgia Critic and The Other Guy as Donnie and Carl.
    • Two SWAG members are voiced by Justin Carmical and Holly Christine Brown in episode 4. Brian Heinz plays Fabrizio, a recurring character, introduced in the same episode.
    • Also for episodes 4 & 5, the creepy girl who turns out to be in a family of obsessed Jimmy Boyd fans, is played by Briana Laws. She was the girl on the playground in Suburban Knights. Her parents, Jason, who was the moviemaker with the drill in To Boldly Flee, and Jori, play her character's parents in the latter episode.
  • Incestuous Casting: This was the show where Doug and Rob took their teasing Incest Subtext and turned it into in-character flirting. In one scene, Donnie actually asks Carl if he can join in on him having sex.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Rebecca is usually a damsel in their movies, but is a Badass Adorable security guard outside of those.
  • Magnum Opus: The fact that the whole show was meant to be Doug's is Magnum Opus Dissonance, but his favorite episode is “Lost In Translation”. The reasons for this you can probably guess why.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Demo Reel was Doug's dream project, something he described as wanting to do even before he created the Nostalgia Critic. The show ended up suffering Tough Act to Follow and a good chunk of fans not quite being on board until it was too late.
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: Adam and Jill are sociopaths who kidnap a Former Child Star and raise their daughter to be as mentally ill as they are. Jason and Jori are perfectly lovely people who threw Doug a bone and helped him get out of his head with the at-that-point-suffering Adventure Time vlogs.
  • Old Shame: Not for Doug, but for Rob. While Doug had wanted to do it for five years and literally bounced every time he mentioned getting to create something new and dark, it was viewed by Rob as just something to do while getting the game show ready.
  • Playing Against Type: Retroactively. In this show, Jim Jareoz plays an Irish Badass Hidden Heart of Gold former member of the IRA. In the Critic reboot, his two main roles are the simpering condescending Catwoman therapist and the lisping loud flamboyant Creepy Crossdresser head of TMZ.
  • Prop Recycling:
    • Averted. Tacoma was going to originally wake up in Snow White's dress instead of Belle's, s it was the "...second funniest dress we could imagine on Malcolm". The most funniest? Snow White, however this idea was scrapped as Obscurus Lupa had already worn it in Suburban Knights.
    • The Catwoman costume Rebecca wears in The Dark Knight Begins Rising (as Anne Hathaway's portrayal) is later reused when Rachel plays Michelle Pfeiffer in the Nostalgia Critic Catwoman review.
    • Notably avoided with Donnie's fedora. Doug has worn a few fedoras in reboot (as mostly Acceptable Targets jokes) but never the same one as he did in Demo Reel. He said in the Shining commentary that if he did he would get nothing but venom, so that's probably the reason why it hasn't appeared again.
  • Real-Life Relative: The Fanatic Fan Family is played by the real-life Laws family, friends of Doug Walker who threw him a bone by co-hosting the Adventure Time Vlogs with him, in addition to having occasional cameos in other Channel Awesome productions.
  • Rule34 — Creator Reactions: Bless his heart, Doug was shameless this time around and outright asked for Slash Fic in-character. Fandom eagerly obliged.
  • Schedule Slip: Slightly. The second episode of Demo Reel missed a week because Doug Walker wanted to tweak the show's direction. The second episode ended up focusing more on the actual characters and put the parody scenes on the back burner. The 4th episode came after 3 weeks. On a grander scale, see above.
  • Screwed by the Network: Fans of the show got really pissed when the volume 4 TGWTG DVD advertisement came out, and we were told we wouldn't be getting any episodes (except the missing one) or commentaries, just bloopers.
    • The site's design (the redesign was "for real this time" promised in September but never happened) resulted in the show getting shunted to the "specials" section, along with Doug's obligatory Disney-movie-per-day series pushing any episode off the front page.
    • For whatever reason, the planned eight episode first season got cut down to six.
  • Throw It In: Happens everytime. Donnie keeps adding details to the script to justify their resources like "The character grew a goatee" or "One-glove Batman", and the list keeps getting bigger.
    • The actress rant in episode four was half written by the Walkers, half improvised by Rachel because of her own experiences in the industry.
    • The moonwalking in episode two and the "I speak cat" scene in episode one were also both improvised by Rachel. For the latter, speaking cat was actually the thing that got her the role in the first place, and Rob just asked her to do it again for the ep.
  • Trolling Actress: Doug won't say anything about anything, but Rachel likes to tease that the show will come back.
  • Troubled Production: There were a lot of problems with the studio they worked on, ranging from the humidity of the studio warping their sets to their difficulty in audio echo control to the props they had to work with.
    • There were a lot of computer issues while writing the script of the pilot and quite a few scenes were lost, which would explain why said episode was more comedic while the rest were far darker.
  • Type Casting: The sexist type is discussed. The two examples are Kathy Bates; psychos and smarmy bitches, and Meryl Streep; shrews, cartoons, cougars and MILFs.
  • Word Of Bi: Rob confirmed it for Donnie after the pilot note , when all he had done sexuality-hint wise was manipulate Tacoma with bedroom eyes. He'd go on to do much more.
  • What Could Have Been: Doug wanted Lewis and Lindsay on the show to play different people other than themselves or TGWTG characters, and prove again they could do drama.
    • As a Downer Ending as the show got, it could have been even worse. Brian wanted Fabrizio to return to the studios only to now find a completely abandoned warehouse.
    • Karl and Quinn would have assembled a team of film crew/mercencaries called "The Commendables" who would go on missions across the globe.
    • Doug mentioned in the A.I. commentary that he would've gotten around to having a TMZ-centric episode had the show continued. And due to his regret that the Critic episode was so cruel, and Demo Reel's A World Half Full optimism, it probably would have been Lighter and Softer than AI.
    • If Doug had the money for a studio, and the confidence and popularity for actors and an audience, the show could have aired in 2008. He'd been wanting to do it the entire time of Critic.
    • If he hadn't left the site, Bhargav would have played Tacoma in a major Playing Against Type example.
  • Writer Revolt: "All our hopes rest on the Nostalgia Critic. People will love that" was a clue of Reality Subtext. On the commentary, Doug talked about how even though he was given the choice to keep the show, Critic still had to come back to get the site back on good terms with money.

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