Trivia / Dead Rising

  • Fan Nickname: Players tend to call psychopaths by epithets rather than their names. We've got the clown, the gunshop owner, the fat cop, the pyro, the shopkeeper/stooooore guy, the butcher, and the Shell-Shocked Veteran, and the Halls particularly are much more commonly called the sniper family than the Hall family.
  • Permanent Placeholder: Dead Rising was the working title of the game, but was liked so much by the dev team it became the final title.
  • What Could Have Been: Early alpha and beta copies of Dead Rising arranged their events differently: survivors were found in different places, a couple have different names, and the mall was slightly different. Most notably, Isabella had a sequence where she held off zombies with Carlito's rifle, which is why some promotional shots of her character render show her holding it.