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Shout Out: Dead Rising
  • Mega Man's Mega Buster is the game's ultimate weapon, Servbots make cameo appearances.
  • Frank learns a few Street Fighter moves as he levels up. Sadly, he cannot pull off a Hadouken.
  • The mobile phone version actully HAS Mega Man.
  • "Jill's Sandwiches" and the fact the Black Ops soldiers sent in look like HUNK.
  • The Cultists look suspiciously similar to the killer from the Scream slasher film series.
  • Crislip's Home Saloon, Seon's Food and Stuff and Gromin's stores are all named after Capcom U.S. employees.
  • One of the cities targeted by Carlito's orphans is Louisville, Kentucky.
  • There is an actual Willamette area but it's in Oregon, not Colorado. It's not clear why Capcom decided to give it a shout out, though it could have to do with being the final destination in The Oregon Trail games. They say the name wrong, however.
  • One of the stores in the Willamette mall is a small theater called Movieland.
  • Even the seeming anvil about mall walkers/consumption culture being no different than the zombies is straight from Dawn of the Dead.

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