Trivia / Alexander

  • Box Office Bomb: Budget: $155 million (not counting marketing costs), $201.2 million (counting them). Box office: $167,298,192 worldwide and only $34,297,191 of it from the domestic market.
  • Creator Killer: Oliver Stone never truly returned to his former status after filming Alexander.
  • Dueling Movies: Came out within a year of three other historical battle epics that were following-up on the success of Gladiator. Its competitors being Troy, King Arthur, and Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Fake Nationality: You'll have hard time finding actual Greeks in this film.
  • Follow the Leader: Oliver Stone was finally able to make the film about Alexander the great he wanted to for years after the giant commercial and critical success of Gladiator.
  • Old Shame: Colin Farrell seemed to feel this way even when the movie was still in theaters. When he hosted Saturday Night Live after the film's underwhelming premiere, he mentioned in his opening monologue that working on the film was "time well spent." The awkward chuckles in the audience were priceless.
  • What Could Have Been: Baz Luhrmann was planning his own Alexander the Great biopic at the same time, but abandoned it when Stone beat him to the punch.