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Trivia: Action 52
  • Only in Florida: Yup, the brainchild of some guy from Miami.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Honestly, the guys at Active should have known not to pin their dreams on Action 52's success. They had to have played the game at some point, right?
  • What Could Have Been: As stated in the main article, the creators had big dreams of making Cheetamen into a big franchise, now, had they put all that wishful thinking into developing one functional game, instead of 52 broken ones, they might have maybe, possibly gotten somewhere. Mayhaps.
    • It could have been possible if they started with the action figures and the show rather than the game cartridge...
    • It's been discovered while digging through the coding that they might have planned 60 games for the cartridge early on.
  • Working Title: On a prototype of the game, Cheetahmen was called Action Gamer.
  • SuckerFreeGames, a small group of 3 people, bought the intellectual rights for Cheetahmen in 2010 [1]. They plan to release a sequel for Cheetahman 3 for the X Box Live Arcade.

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