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The Other Darrin: Advertising
  • The GEICO gecko was voiced by Kelsey Grammer in his first ad, then Dave Kelly, and finally Jake Wood.
  • Speedy from the Alka Seltzer commercials was originally voiced by veterin voice actor, Dick Beals. When he was revived decades later, he has since been voiced by Debi Derryberry.
  • The baby in the E-Trade commercials has changed several times over the years for obvious reasons.
  • Altel's commercials featuring a group of nerds working for different cell-phone companies changed the actor playing the Sprint guy, notable because he later donned a previously absent afro.
  • Chicago area car dealership O'Conner Ford went through several spokewomen, all of whom were (allegedly) his daughter Katie.
    • Another Chicago auto dealer, Howard Pontiac, went through two spokesmothers.
  • The M&Ms' voices have changed a couple times. The red M&M was originally voiced by Jon Lovitz, but has since been voiced by Billy West. The yellow M&M was voiced by John Goodman for years, but is now voiced by JK Simmons.
  • Tony the Tiger has been voiced by Thurl Ravencroft, Dallas McKinnon, Lee Marshall, and in Canada, Tony Daniels.
  • Lucky the Leprechan for the Lucky Charms commercials was voiced by Arthur Anderson back in the day, but is now voiced by Doug Preis.
  • The Aflac duck was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, although after he got fired making insensitive comments about the Japanese tsunami, he was replaced by Dan Mc Keague.

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