Tearjerker / Starbound

  • Pre-1.0, almost every PC's reason for leaving their home and race behind was somber. The Human because Earth is destroyed, the Floran and Avian because they're outcasts, Hylotl because of the Floran wars, the Apex is escaping the torture and constant surveillance, and the Glitch would likely be executed for self-awareness.
  • Just listen to some of the more sad tracks like "Mira" and "Tranquility Base". Doesn't make it any less awesome though.
  • You can find an Avian temple. At the top are two Avians who were supposed to jump off the edge. Talk to them and they say the following; "I can't do it. I... I just can't."
  • The beginning of the game, doubling as Nightmare Fuel. You are attending your graduation from the Protector's Academy, to be part of the Space Police and acquire your Matter Manipulator. The sun is shining, everything is at peace... and then, during the ceremony, the Ruin emerges without warning and starts destroying the entire planet, killing untold millions in the process. You barely have time to take the Matter Manipulator and escape to a damaged shuttle, as you dash through corridors filled with tentacles, debris and the corpses of your friends and comrades. And after all of that, when you've escaped from the dying Earth, you're left stranded in orbit of some alien world in the darkness of space, completely alone.
    • Almost every Protectorate-related speech - including the Codex entry on your duties as a Protector - includes a single phrase that sounds significantly Harsher in Hindsight: "Wherever you may go, you will always have Earth to come home to."