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Tear Jerker: Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures
  • These two updates to Abel's Story.
    • Also: Hennya's death in Abel's Story.
    • When Abel visits his dying mother at the hospital and she stays alive just long enough to tell him that she always loved him before passing away was especially potent for readers who have been in similar situations with their relatives.
    • Seriously, how many tropers cried upon reading these?
      • Abel's Story, PERIOD.
  • Mab's final goodbye to her mother.
  • Pyroduck has to choose between Alexsi or his sense of security. He chooses Alexsi.
  • "B... Brother?"
  • Hannah's recent death.
    • Even more painful: Anna collecting the ashes and visibly starting to fall apart emotionally.
  • The tragic story of Aniz and Destania after the death of Siar, Aniz's clan leader, and the rest of the clan.

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