Tear Jerker / Cyanide & Happiness

If you ever have any sympathy for any characters, there are some moments:
  • The Depressing Comic Week ones, when they don't cross the line back into being funny (in a horrible and twisted way).
  • Also, the latter part of Waiting for the Bus, in a weird way.
    • The saddest bit is the 50 mph Man loses the Indy 500 and soon becomes a total wreck, with alcohol abuse and smashing all his trophies. Eventually he robs a liquor store, ends up in jail and his wife is forced to divorce him. He soon becomes an old man sitting in the former stadium dedicated to him. Then one day, in a rainy night, he starts running again...only to commit suicide by smashing into a wall. Soon, the stadium becomes a memorial park. The Bus Driver stops and sees the sign...weeps...and then the bus explodes. What a Downer Ending.
  • The Barbershop Quartet fail to save a man.
  • Grandpa's Storytime, It starts nice, pretty much with the perfect setup for an average C&H short. But it goes from horror and surprise to sadness and wondering what will happen to the kids after ridiculously quick.
  • The short Missing Daughter goes from one Tear Jerker at the beginning to a completely different one halfway through.
  • This video, with the Sarcastic Title of "La Comédie", features a clown being forced into prostitution. The look on the clown's face at the end says it all.
  • Sad Larry, Sad, Sad Larry, It's A Sad Christmas, Larry, and he even falls in love at some point!
  • These comics are like a prison...
  • The Depressing Episode. They are not kidding.
    • A man is asking another unseen person whether or not they are alone in the universe. The camera pans out to show that he is talking to a grave.
    • The opening of the show starts after with a bird flying around the title before crashing into the window as the man opens his door as the music becomes more somber. The man bends over to the bird before we are treated to a flashback of he and his mother find a dead bird lying on the ground when he was a child. As they comfort each other, he hears a baby bird chirping from a nearby nest, and they adopt it as a pet, whom he raises. One day as he returns home, he sees an ambulance outside his home and, in the hospital, he is told that his mother had passed away. At her grave, the now adult bird flies off. We are then returned to the modern day, and the man now buries the dead bird next to his mother's grave.
    • A tree has the words "Jimmy+Anna" with a heart shape carved around it. A man stumbles from behind the tree with a pocket knife and scratches the second name out. He then bursts into tears as the next shot reveals that his car had collided with the tree, killing Anna who had been in the passenger seat.
      • Later in the episode, we go back into this skit with a memorial placed under the tree. Jimmy walks over to it with a bouquet of flowers that he places down next to a picture of Anna. He looks at the picture and smiles, then crosses his own name out and throws a noose over a branch...
    • A man returns home from a trip and thinks that a line of food is for a surprise party. His mother reveals that the food is for a funeral, as his father had committed suicide while he was away. Horrified, he looks over and sees his family grieving over a coffin. His mother then hands him a note saying that it was left for him, reading "Surprise - Dad".
    • A man and a woman are crossing the street, when the man notices a car headed straight at her. He quickly pushes her out of the way and the car stops in front of him. The concerned driver gets out, and we see that the woman is lying motionless on the ground. The man cradles her and silently yells to a group of onlookers. The next scene is a pan-over of pictures and awards she had won before it's revealed that she's now wheelchair-bound and in a vegetative state, as the man glumly brushes her hair.
    • An elderly woman in a nursing home just trying to eat the peas on her dinner plate, but her shaking hands won't allow her to pick them up long enough to eat them. Made even worse when she defiantly refuses help, and finds that she really can't do it by herself, leading her to collapse in sobs and pound the table.
    • A man has cancer, much to the dismay of both he and his newly pregnant girlfriend. The shots alternate between check-ups with his doctor and picking out a coffin (which depresses their moods, and with him looking worse in each shot) with check-ups on their baby in utero, picking out names among other things. At one point, the man is hospitalized and the woman gives birth. The baby doesn't live very long, and ultimately flat-lines as the father holds its tiny hand.
      • Oddly enough, this is the only sketch with any sort of joke: his weirdly small face. One might even laugh at the beginning with the whole "if your hand is bigger than your face" routine, given the absurdity. The rest, however, is pure sadness.
  • Terrible things can happen to those who are young.
  • Those vultures aren't preying...
  • Poor Creepy Steve...
    Creepy Steve: What did I say...?
  • In late August 2017, Kris began a series of comics (starting here and ending here) revolving around a man named Jim discovering that his son is the result of an affair with his wife. Understandably shocked, he runs off and plans to off himself after drowning his sorrows and settling in a motel, but after seeing a family of ducks with a squirrel in the middle, he decides not to. The story ends with Jim divorcing his wife and getting the hard parts out of the way, and returning to his son for a heartfelt reunion. Nope. The second stack of panels in the ending is a Dying Dream as Jim bleeds out from self-inflicted wounds in the motel, as seen in the secret comic embedded in the final panel. At the top of that comic is another hidden comic... except, it's the first comic of Depressing Comic Week 9. As in, the one where the kid talks to his dead father about what happened after, which is also by Kris.