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Edward Ti'Fiona is Aniz
They look somewhat alike, and Fa'Lina told Aniz that she wouldn't accept any more of his kids into SAIA for three hundred and seventy-five years. Abel was 24 back then, now he's 399, do the math.
  • Jossed here.
    • Edward does look an awful lot like Aniz. It says that while Aniz was (supposedly) killed by Quintinga Ti'Fiona, she ALSO died in the fight. What if Quintinga died, but Aniz somehow survived and created the illusion that they had killed each other, and then Aniz offed the real Edward Ti'Fiona and took his place? Considering the title and dialog in this strip.... And then there's the fact that Aniz' clan mark is on his left forearm. And Edward's left forearm always seems to be obscured in some way....
    • But that begs the question: if Destania is more powerful than Aniz, how would he pull that one over her? I find it hard to believe she wouldn't notice at all.
    • Also, why hasn't Alexsi developed headwings?
      • *puts tin foil hat on* If we follow this theory, Alexsi would have been born as the natural child of Edward and Quintiga.
      • Quintiga goes off and seemingly kills Aniz, while dying in the process.
      • Edward mourns Quintiga, and to his surprise Aniz pops up and kills him, and takes his place as the owner of Lost Lake to raise Alexsi (Why? I don't know, but Aniz is an enigma anyway).
    • Aniz has shown that he has some remorse towards unintended victims. Maybe he raised Alexsi because he only realized after the fact he had orphaned her.
      • Destania comes along, and they reconcile, over a mutual hatred and plan to end the dragon race, with Destania giving birth to Dan. This would make Dan Abel's half-brother, and would explain why Abel reacts the way he does.
  • Jossed even further here. Edward's resemblance to Aniz is commented on, but only to suggest it's why Destania didn't immediately kill him.
    • This comes from Seme's representative explaining that they had "checked [his] geneology." Depending on what method was used this could still be fooled-note that in the earlier jossing public records have Destania down as a being as she was undercover.

Pip is Albanion.
It's quite clear from recent comics that Pip can enter another creature's mind, even Cubi (who have the ability to shield most thoughts, and often do). Also, Mab has known Pip for quite a while, and he's suited towards mischief. Albanion is an obvious suspect!
  • Nothing of the sort. What was made clear was that someone used an image of Pip when invading Abel's mind. The text bubbles hint that it wasn't actually Pip.
  • Further, Albanion has referred to Pip as a different person (in upside down text, third panel) here
Dan's clothes have a mind of their own and the ability to change styles and sizes.
And they think FABULOUSLY!!!! Either that or somebody had way too much free time on their hands.
  • Jossed, he's just been stealing Abel's clothes by accident.
Abel's clan feeds on guilt, as opposed to the Cyra Clan, which feeds on pain.
  • The nightmare and Abel's backstory both point towards things he wishes he could have avoided, and things he feels he could have prevented. Abel's clan marking doesn't match any of those which visibly remain, at least as far as a casual observation of the Cubi Clan manual reveals... and it seems like Abel's father went out of his way to ensure that both his wife and son would feel guilt for quite a ways to come.

Devin is Abel's half brother
Devin explained about how his father took one look at him when he was born, then walked away. Could this have been a failed attempt by Aniz to get a cubi kid? And when he saw there were no wings, he realised he'd failed, and tried again with Abel.
  • Isn't Cubi breeding almost exactly like the Diclonii? Meaning doesn't matter the parent or the attempt the kid will always be a succubus or incubus.
    • Not confirmed to be true. That seems to be groundless Fanon
      • Not groundless. It is, however, implied to be false by that very same page. So this WMG is actually plausible.
      • Nothing's implied; that page outright says the kid will nearly always be a Cubi if the other parent is a Being. If the other parent is a Demon, Mythos, etc., it's more dicey, but Devin seemed to be a Being.
      • It specifically says nearly always. Would fit, especially if Aniz was expecting his son to be cubi and he wasn't.
      • It says "Cubi half breeds only seem to work if the cubi parent is the more 'powerful' of the two... which is why beings are often a prime target." There's a lot of wiggle words in this statement. Rewording, it notes that half breeds seem to always fail when the cubi is less powerful. However, it provides no data as to the likelihood that it will succeed when the cubi is more powerful, simply that it only ever works when they are. If there's a 5% success rate when more powerful, and a 0% success rate when less powerful, the given statement remains true. We can infer that beings are usually less powerful because they are prime targets, but it makes no guarantees. Perhaps a particularly powerful being or particularly weak cubi (Aniz isn't particularly strong for a cubi, as noted in the later strips) will result in a being-cubi coupling being guaranteed to fail.

Devin's mother was a Husk
Half-Fae are born with no magic, so if Devin's father was Aniz, Devin could never become a Cubi. The side-comic for hybrids says they have no soul and no emotion. She killed every child but Devin, if that wasn't just a fever. What if she wasn't hysterical from a fever, but aware of what will happen when she dies? As a Being with her appearance, she may very well have died at 21, the maximum lifespan of a Husk.

And it says nothing about children of Husks, so Devin could still have fallen in love with Xander, if he had a soul.

Mink is going to die horribly
He/she/it hasn't showed up in the current story yet, to my recollection, and killing off the cute, cheerful thing would fit into the Darker and Edgier motif of Abel's Story.
  • Considering the below theory, it seems more likely that Abel and Mink merely stopped hanging out. Judging by Mink's personality, maybe a Friend Zoning gone wrong is the most likely culprit.
    • Abel's Story just ended without killing Mink, so the above theory re: friend zoning is very possible. Alternately, a lot can change over three hundred years and they may just have grown apart.
      • Jossed here in the comic that claimed that Mink was killed by falling anvils.
      Mink: This panel is full of lies! Don't listen to it! I'm fine!
    • That suggests plural, the death by anvils is one "lie" so the quote is also a lie.
    • We only saw the Academy for one day, so it is entirely possible that Mink and Abel are still good friends and Abel just hasn't mentioned him. He hasn't mentioned much about his life at the academy, after all.
  • Jossed. Mink is mentioned here and shows up here.
  • And the Friend Zoning is Jossed, too, in that Mink has never dated, and given Abel's rant to Wildy, he probably hasn't, either.
    • What if Abel friend-zoned Mink?

Dan will undergo a permanent Face–Heel Turn
His mom was a monster in both senses of the word. And if Edward really is Aniz, it's inevitable.
  • This implies that eugenics works in the world of DMFA. Unfortunate implications much?
  • Meanwhile, Abel, whose father was a monster in both senses of the word, is a nice guy at heart, and is trying to kill his monster of a father. Dan turning bad seems unlikely.

Mink is * not* going to die.
The Cubi Clan Leaders arc takes place in the present, since they have computers and are aware of Dan's existence. Mink's writing the report. So yeah.
  • Is it clear how canon that arc is? Then again it doesn't seem to not be.
  • As of the end of Abel's Story, he's still around. Hooray! Now that I think about it, that should have been obvious- what are the odds, after all, of a cubi getting killed within SAIA, right under Fa'Lina's nose?

Chickie is the real hero.
Bugs are high in moral fiber.

Devin is obfuscating his personality.
...And in fact, is the same Devin from when he was alive. It's been a couple hundred years; his Jerk Assedness may have toned down some during that time, and we all know how Dark Pegasus feels about undead who retain their personalities...
  • Jossed, all undead that existed before undead gained souls have no memories of their past lives, and that includes Devin.
Aniz has been dead for centuries.
It's already been established that his little stunt stepped on a lot of toes - despite the obvious Chekhov's Gun of Fa'lina's 376-year ban, Hennya's family or some adventurer they hired killed him long ago, or the Jin or Soulstealer clan secretly used an adventurer as an assassin. Either the deadline is a complete Red Herring, or Abel's going to learn of Aniz's death with a trap nice and ready.
  • Jossed.
    • Jossed-ish. It's been decades, not centuries, but the adventurer who killed him was working on the orders of Zivnth authorities.

The series takes place in the extremely far future of Star Wars
Every race was created by Sith alchemy. There.
  • At least partially jossed, because the Fae quite clearly exist at a level beyond sith powers. Probably Dragons, too.

Cyra achieved Tri-Wing status by eating the soul of a Dragon
This is based on several known facts:
  • There is precedence for achieving tri-wing by eating souls (see Zezzuva in the Cubi Clan Leaders arc, ascended by eating the soul of her sister, the previous leader)
  • Cyra's method of ascension ticked the dragons of enough to start a war of genocide against cubis, and Cyra's own clan remains "kill on sight" even after the truce
  • Cyra is shown (in a dream, granted) to be bizarrely huge
  • Of the two forms a Dragon can take, their most famous form is bizarrely huge
Ergo: Cyra's massive size is reflective of her using a Dragon soul to achieve Tri-Wing status, likely through trickery since she wouldn't yet be strong enough to take one on in a direct fight. This enraged the Dragons so much, they started the Dragon/Cubi war in retaliation. Cyra's clan is still targeted for genocide because cooler heads covered their asses by pointing out the Cubi race as a whole was not responsible for one member's independent atrocities.
  • Partially confirmed, partially jossed: Amber has stated that all clan leaders are bizarrely huge. To quote- "Tri-Wings are naturally really big. Usually if you are seeing a normal-sized one (like Fa'Lina), they have either shapeshifted themselves smaller...or more likely they are simply using an aspect puppet or proxy of themselves to interract with folks while their true selves are hidden elsewhere." However, it was confirmed in Comic #1583 that Cyra caused the Dragon/Cubi war when she managed to kill a dragon and ascend to Tri-Wing status as a result of doing so.

When Mab says two of her five friends are going to die, she just means because they're Beings.
Of course, assuming the five friends are Dan, Alexis, Wildy, Jyrras, and Pip, that just raises further questions - namely, which of the three ostensible Beings isn't going to die, and how, and how does she know this?
  • Somehow, I don't think Pip was one. He seems like he's an Immortal Playmate, and therefore she's allowed to keep him alive forever. Merlitz, maybe?
    • Merlitz seems like a much better candidate than Pip; go back and read earlier comics, especially during Aaryanna's introductory arc, and see that Mab had a very strong connection to Merlitz. Plus the fact that he's still being mentioned indirectly (Jen showing up at Lost Lake and bemoaning his absence, for instance), as opposed to characters like Azlan, who's been Put on a Bus. Still leaves no answers as to who the supposed two are.
    • Also compounding the fact is that Dan has technically died twice already. Back in the Lighter and Softer years and once killed Dark Pegauses. The second time his heart stopped beating for a minute which is dead in the classical sense.

Wildy and Biggs are Weres
The demonology page says that "many [Weres] prefer to keep their true selves hidden," and also that they tend to be aggressive and unpredictable. It would explain her human fetish, if human form is something she's had to hide most of her life... Also, a few early appearances have Wildy much smaller than her current Shorttank height - about the size of an actual ferret? (Of course, that doesn't really mesh with keeping hidden... but Dan's never been all that observant.)
  • I'd chalk the first few appearances up to Art Evolution, but other than that...wow. It also might explain how Biggs managed to get to the top of the Twink Territories pecking order so fast.
  • The human/were member of the creature council looks suspiciously like Biggs. They've got the exact same hairstyle and bandana. Also, weres are supposed to be decent at magic, and Wildy is a magic-user.
  • The unnamed Councillor also looks like this guy.
    • Isn't that a girl?
  • I'll buy this theory. Secret page info lends credence to this as well: According to the Human page in the Demonology 101 section, humans did exist in Furre. They vanished suddenly several hundred years ago, and Weres have a different story about them and their extinction than the rest of the races do. Now, when you consider that bit of in conjunction with the fact that Wildy-San is a fan of humans, it raises a lot of implications. This is all circumspect at best, but it does make sense...
    • Apparently, this spec has been bouncing around the fora since 2006, where it's well-known enough to be a bit of a meme. Nothing new under the sun and all that...
  • Partially Jossed, Amber intended for Wildy to he a Were but scrapped the idea because she thought the comic didn't have enough Beings (similarly she decided not to turn Jyrras into an undead).

Okay, let's get some Quoar spec kicked off.
I mean...
  • Oldest clan leader.
  • Only male clan leader.
  • Willfully separated from the academy.
  • Shrouded in mystery.
  • Has a clan quirk that Abel inexplicably shares.
  • Closest we've seen to familiar incubi.

You couldn't have a more obvious Chekhov's Gunman if his clan marking were a flashing neon sign. So... perhaps he "adopted" Aniz, the same way Seme "adopted" most of the Siar? Maybe Jyrras is him in disguise, under heavy Amnesiac Dissonance?
  • To be fair, the same page talks about how any non-Quoar can have the same quirks as a Quoar; it just so happens that Quoar always have the aformentioned quirks (Combination bat-and-feather wings and mismatched eyes), while it's seen as an omen if a non-Quoar has even one of those traits. If I had to guess, I'd say that the Quoar were perhaps some sort of progenitor species of Cubi. Later clans had similarities, but individual quirks, perhaps based on the fact that most Cubi tend to mate with non-Cubi. You could think of Quoar himself as sort of a Cubi equivalent to Cain; not all Cubi are of his clan, but all Cubi trace their origins back to him.e
  • I like this progenitor theory alot - in fact I'd like to go even further with it. The Demo 101 page for Cubi mentions a theory that the Cubi race was formed from a union of demons and angels, and Quoar's clan has a lot of traits from both. His entire clan quirk is based around duality, about the fusion of opposites. And of course, his emotional affinity is love. Could he be one of the original, immediate descendants of a union between demons and angels?

The humans are hiding in Hishaan, under Quoar's protection
...because why not?

Matter with no magic in it would behave like Strange Matter
It kinda makes sense. It's implied that it's almost impossible to produce objects which lack magic, so why wouldn't zero-magic matter behave like strange matter, converting all other matter it comes in contact with into more zero-magic matter?
  • Further more, this is the "one of the five friends will destroy the world" thing Mab was saying.

Jyrras is going to end up with Mink.
The closest things he's had to male love interests have been Cubi, Mink points out that he's never dated in hundreds of years, his Coming-Out Story is constructed to leave the audience (and Abel) less than 100% convinced he's being honest with himself, Mink's relatively feminine...
  • He's feminine, but even she doesn't know their gender.

That girl that screams BISHONEN is part of clan Quoar
Her eyes may not be two colors but her wings seem to be both feather and bat-like. Granted, in the reverse of Quoar and Abel's, but it still stands.
  • She could have shapeshifted her eyes to be the same color. But then again, you could probably say something similar for the wings....

Mab has manipulated Jyrras's entire life and beyond.
If you look at the flashback where Jyrras's parents meet following the dating service mixup, you can see what looks like an orange butterfly in the background... or is it Mab's wings? It's entirely possible that Mab's plan goes back so far that she engineered Jyrras to be what he is by making sure Moira would meet Seth and fall in love instantly, resulting in the short but brilliant inventor.

That dating service messed up a lot of pairings.
Kangaroo and Kangaroo Rat, Kiwi and Komodo Dragon... anyone even want to imagine how the date went between the Koala and the Kraken?

Destania plans to make her husband part of clan Cyra
She has already taken the first step after all.

Da' and Fa'lina are lovers of some sort.
This is why Pyroduck, entrusted apparently full-time to Da' from infancy, still has such a close connection to Fa'lina and the academy, to the point of having her as his only listed relative on the cast page, as well as why he was entrusted to her specifically in the first place. Both of them have a relationship with him reminiscent of mothers and adult sons in whose upbringing they were involved. Phoenix Oracles do not reproduce sexually, of course, but neither do tri-wing Cubi, and Fa'lina would not be the only one of those to take a lover.

Dan or Cyra will end up killing Destinia

The phoenix who said Merlitz was dead was lying, and was paid to do so.
Think about it. Phoenixes are borderline omniscient, to the point that one not knowing something is borderline earth-shaking. And yet this one didn't know that a group of adventurers were going to come during her lunch break? Or plan ahead for an answer for them? There are two options: either something was blocking her knowledge or she was lying. Given that Da' was shaken by the fact that she didn't know Merlitz, and yet the phoenix who said Merlitz had been killed was unsurprised by a group of adventurers coming during her lunch break, it's likely that she was paid off to lie to them by the same force obscuring Da's knowledge. The whole "I'm on lunch break" thing was a convenient excuse for that.

Now, regarding Merlitz's dull life stone: one of the reasons a stone can go dull is because the adventurer is where powerful magic cannot track. If something is powerful enough to obscure a phoenix's knowledge, then it's probably powerful enough to confound any magic between an adventurer and their stone. Whatever is doing this needs Merlitz alive for something, and yet needs everyone else to think he's dead.

The phoenix who said Merlitz was dead was Destania
Well she did cop to the adventurers being her plan to kill Abel. She's associated with forces that might be powerful enough to block a phoenix's sight, and she's a shapeshifter.

Cyra is in Lost Lake somewhere
Seriously. It's the last place Anyone would think to look for her.

Pyroduck will end up being the one who kills Hizell
For one reason. Hizell tries to kill Alexsi

Pip is actually Hizell in disguise, and his "game" with Mab is his war against the Cubi

Very likely jossed as of page #1451 though. Unless that's not Hizell who is scrying on Lost Lake...
  • It would be a very good explanation for why Pip hates Dan so much if this WMG turned out to be true.... If Pip isn't Hizell then he might still be someone closely associated or working with Hizell. And the dragon in page #1451 has yet to be identified by name, so while less likely, this WMG isn't dead yet.

Quoar's clan's membership Dwarfs the others.

There are no more humans in Furrae because the dragons realised they were a potential threat and exterminated them
There is a potential reason for this, but admittedly it's a bit of a stretch; it relies on the logic that what is true of a were's human form also applies to humans in general - namely, that a were's human form is immune to magic. That would give the magic-loving dragons a very good reason to eliminate humanity, particularly if they decided to try and take advantage of this immunity.

If that's not the case, it may also be that the dragons somehow knew about the technology that humans were capable of and decided to get rid of them preemptively before they could become technologically advanced enough to be a real threat. Which has certain implications about what could potentially happen to Jyrras or beings in general...

  • Partially confirmed: It was made canon in this issue that the dragons wiped out humanity, though the reason why is left nebulous beyond somehow disrupting what dragons perceived as "the favorable status quo". Later on, it gets mentioned in this issue that the big reason that the Dragon/Cubi war got started was the Dragons got really nervous at the idea of being killed by a "lesser being". With that in mind, this WMG looks a lot more plausible...

The strange Bard-type guy visiting Lost Lake is Quoar.
Surprised no one's mentioned this yet. His coloring and clothing style matches. And he has the right hat. we first see the back of his head here. Note that he has short ears. Next time we see him here, his ears are long and rabbit-like. And Cubi are nothing if not shapeshifters. It seems like he might be after Abel, since one of the first things he asks Alexsi is if she runs the bar alone. The real question is what does he want with Abel?

Clan Quoar Dwarfs all the other Cubi Clans in number
The clan is practically a unknown entity and next to nothing about them is known.

Destania's end goal is the destruction of both sides of the Dragon/Cubi conflict
As Fa'lina notes, Destania is not only the sole survivor of her Clan, a very emotionally scarring process for a 'cubi, but she was bullied awfully whilst she was hidden away in Fa'lina's school. She spent her entire time there, resenting the Dragons and her fellow 'Cubi alike. It's not unreasonable that the pain eventually twisted her up inside, driving her crazy enough that she wants to kill all Dragons and Cubi alike for the wrongs that she feels their species has done her.

Mab wants to force a real peace between Beings and Creatures by creating guns
While it is true that Beings and Creatures aren't fighting an open war yet, things are hardly hunky dory. Innocent Creatures are being killed by vengeful Being adventurers who choose to consider all Creatures deserving of death because of their species. Beings themselves are becoming adventurers because Creatures are murdering & eating them and using the law to hide from punishment. That's why she's covertly supporting Jyrras's efforts; the current reason Creatures can just walk all over Beings is because, on average, Creatures are much stronger than Beings and so they believe that this makes them beyond Being considerations. If Jyrras can break the Fantasy Gun Control, then that puts guns in the hands of any Being — and if guns are so completely void of magic, than it makes sense that gunshots would be able to pierce the predominantly magic-based defenses of Creatures. With a truly level playing field, Creatures have to come down off their high horse and actually work to make a single set of laws that protects both species equally, because they can't trust in their inherent superiority to Beings to protect them from reprisal. Once neither side can legally get away with murder, and is forced to treat each other with sincere respect, a real peace can actually begin, rather than this veneer of civility over a simmering cauldron of hatred.
  • Amber made the races, but Jyrras made them equal? I like it.

Mab's motivation for the above is to stop a full-fledged Being/Creature War
We know that Fae are capable of skipping back and forth through time, and as noted above, the current state of the world can hardly be called "peace". During her trips through the timestream, Mab saw that, eventually, Beings and Creatures broke out into a full-fledged war; whether it was because too many Creatures were killed by adventurers for the crime of being Creatures or Beings just finally got sick of watching the more murderous/predatory Creatures get away with everything, it doesn't matter. The result was a great slaughter — and one in which some of Mab's friends were killed. So now she's determined to stop it before it ever reaches that point.

The Cubi killings are Biggs and Destanias fault
Despite what Zezzuva thinks, the Cubi killing cult and anti cubi propaganda are down to Biggs and Destania, not Hizell. They mean it to seem like it's Hizell related either to cover up what their deaths are really for or to make it seem like the war is about to restart and action needs to be taken. Destania was Talliopa's friend, which would make it easy for them to get into her bedroom and take her off guard.

Destainia had Dan so that Cyra would let her die
Her "Dragon Genocide" plan would probably have a decent chance of killing her in the process, so her mother who has kept her alive for more than twice her natural lifespan to keep the Clan going would probably stop her. But if she wasn't the only member of Clan Cyra she might allow her to go through with it.

Some or all of the rodent 'cubi are SAIA's basement rats
They outright state that there are more than the four basement rats of Lost Lake and that their secret underground tunnel network extends to everywhere there is a basement.
Rat 1: If the place has a basement, then there will be rats!
Rat 2: We have a network!

Jyrras' creation of guns is going to backfire...horribly.
Instead of evening up the odds and acting as a deterrent from Creatures randomly killing Beings....Beings are going to look at the guns.....and see a way of Getting Rid of the Creatures. Permanently

Quoar's clan page is Foreshadowing Abel's possible success against whatever is going on behind the scenes, likely involving Destania.
The page for Quoar says that, while Heterochromia and half-bat-half-bird-wings are inherent traits of clan Quoar, non-Quoar Cubi with one of those traits is considered a good omen, and one with both traits is rare and highly sought after. Abel is a non-Quoar Cubi with both traits.

The Human that Merlitz saw was a Were.
Humans are extinct, but Were can assume Human forms. Nobody would believe Merlitz, so there was no risk of an official sighting of a Human or anything that could become one, like a Were.

One of the characters (probably Jyrras) will become Undead, or something similar.
Yes, I know that Mab discarded the idea of Jyrras becoming undead during her OOC discussion with Pip. But, it seems like something that might easily happen. After all, Mab knows that the deaths of at least two of her friends are inevitable. However, that's not to say they'd be dead permanently. We know there are ways to come back.

If it is Jyrras who does it, it might be through some kind of Brain Uploading, given his research. After all, he still needs to take care of Deebs and M.A.C.E., neither of whom likely have any kind of limits on their lifespans.

The "Rainbow Hive" that killed Chicki's hive is the Neo-Zezzuva Insectis hive.
Because it makes sense. And we didn't have enough characters who've lost family to Creature machinations.

Hizell was not targeting Abel
Hizell had every opportunity to kill Abel, but did not. It's been discussed on the forum it could be to send a message, but what if the intended target was someone else who was also there? If he kills Jyrras, no more anti dragon weapon. If he kills Wildy, no more Destania. Abel wasn't a target. He was a believable cover story. What better lie than to say you were trying to hurt someone else you also hate? And as for not killing them right away, Siar called for backup. Hizell may have falsely assumed Abel would ask for their help. If he gives Abel the first move and Abel asks for help, they will try. But he didn't predict the opposite.

Cyra will take over the running of SAIA
There is already the suggestion that Fa'lina is running out of time, so Cyra takes her place, protecting cubi and helping redeem her clan in the eyes of others.

Regina's rampage started because she perceived Biggs as a romantic rival
It's shown that she originally did want some kind of relationship with Dan and it's implied that the San family was where it began. Regina found something/had a conversation with Bridget that caused them to try and take out Wildy, due to mistaken identity/thinking the evidence of a crush was hers, to 'prove' she deserved Dan and snowballed from there.

Quoar is the setting's Big Good
Or, at least, the closest thing to it. He avoids the other clans and their politics almost all the time, is out of the spotlight to the point even most Cubi doubt he's still alive, and his clan's emotional affinity is love. Given that last bit of info, it's very likely he'd have a vested interest in stopping another war, if only because it would mean less love for him and his clan to feed upon.