Tear Jerker: Beetlejuice

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    The Movie 
  • The mournful renditation of "The Banana Boat Song" sums up the Maitland's quandry: "Daylight comes and I wanna go home..."
  • When the Maitlands are being exorcised, it can bring a tear to the eye. It gets so bad that Lydia's father seems to realize what's happening is hurting them and pleads with Otho to stop it.
    • Lydia shouting for it to stop doesn't help matters.
  • When the Maitlands realize they are dead is pretty teary.
    • Especially when they were considering getting a baby.
    Adam: Barb, honey... we're dead. I don't think we have anything to worry about anymore.
    • When Barbara's sister Jane thoughtlessly says their house should be for a couple with a family, Barbara looks really hurt - it's clear they've been trying to have a child, with no success.
  • Before meeting the Maitlands, Lydia was unhappy with her life. When Betelgeuse attacked her, her parents, and Otho, she thought the Maitlands send him. This supposed betrayal is what nearly drove her to suicide.

    The Animated Series 
  • In "Doomie's Romance," the failed attempt at bringing Pinkie (the Mayor's former car) to life causes Doomie to sob uncontrollably. It brings Lydia to tears, but when Doomie's tears brink Pinkie to life, it brings B.J. to get emotional as well (though he wouldn't admit it).