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So You Want To: Write An Alien Invasion Story
One of the oldest subgenres of science fiction is the alien invasion subgenre. Monsters from another planet come to Earth to eat our brains/mine our planet/terraform and colonize the Earth. If you're looking to write an alien invasion story, keep reading.


It is important to decide WHY these aliens are invading the Earth. Perhaps they have fled their destroyed homeworld and are looking to colonize a new planet? Or is the Earth home to an extremely rare mineral they require? Or do they just happen to find Earthling brains especially tasty? Decide the reason that these aliens have come to Earth. It is also important to decide what your aliens look like. In alien invasion movies, rubber forehead aliens are rare, but they tend to be humanoid. Why not be original and make them starfish aliens? It is also important to decide on people's reactions to the aliens. What are the government planning to do now that a mysterious spaceship has arrived in Earth orbit? Do they try and make contact, or do they leave it alone? Once again, the choice is yours.

You should try to make your characters likeable, and make the audience care about them. It is important to decide how the movie ends. Who wins, humanity or the invading aliens? Decide if you're rooting for a happy ending, a sad ending or a bittersweet ending.

Above all, have fun!

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