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Series: Crossing Lines
A show about a group working under the ICC. Looking for serial killers and others that hide by crossing the boarders inside the European Union.

Det. Carl Hickman, formerly of the NYPD, was shot in the line of duty. He can no longer use his right hand. He is living in a carnival in Amsterdam, when he is approached by Det. Major Louis Daniel to join a new investigative unit under the International Criminal Court. Major Danielís son was killed by a bomb planted at his house. Michel Dorn is helping Major Daniel set up the new group to spot serial crimes being disguised by crossing the borders between European countries. He is also investigating the murder of Danielís son. He has worked with both Louis Daniel and his wife Rebecca, who prosecuted cases in the ICC.

Other team members come from across the EU. Investigator Sebastian Berger is a tech genius from Polizei Berlin, German. He has a gambling problem. Inspector Sienna Pride of Scotland Yard is an expert interrogator, with wealthy detached parents back in England. Det. Tommy Mc Connel weapons and tactical expert was raised in an Irish Travelersí Camp, his Da put a 10,000 pound bounty on his head, when he joined the police. Det. Sgt. Anne-Marie San criminal analyst, trafficking crimes specialist, and has an eidetic memory. Sgt. Eva Vittoria, sergeant anti-Mafia Undercover and Covert operations.

  • Abusive Parents: In Tommy's backstory he was part of a Travelers Clan. When he joined the police, his father put a hit out on him.
  • Accidental Aiming Skills Season 1 Episode 7 Animals - Carl Hickman shoots the gun out of suspect's hand. Tommy says "That was pretty impressive, shot the gun right out of his hand" Hickman replies "Yeah, well I was aiming for his head. I told you I'm not left handed." (Hickman's right hand was injured and he can not use it.)
  • Adult Fear Det. Major Louis Daniel and his wife Rebecca Daniel are living this. Louis's back story and possible motivation for setting up the unit is the murder of his son. The covert side investigation into the boy's death is one of at least 2 arcs in the first season. He has learned the Russian may have planted the bomb that killed his son. The Russian is also running the crew in the 2nd episode.
  • Anyone Can Die: In Pilot Part 2 Sienna one of the cops is killed, just after the kidnapped Anne-Marie is saved because she disrupts the serial killer's ritual
  • Diplomatic Impunity dealt with this in the pilot the serial killer was a member of the diplomatic corps.
  • Interpol Special Agent: In real life, the International Criminal Court deals with war crimes and genocides committed by governments and quasi-governments. They have no police force of their own, and no interest in crimes committed by individuals, no matter how bloody. You only have to look at the rows created by the European Arrest Warrant to see how much fury any proposal to implement this show's concept in real life would cause, fact of which the show's producers are more then aware as in every episode the team receives only reluctant from local police departments.
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