Roleplay / A Slice Of Life

"As mentioned in the title, this will have the typical Slice of Life setting. All the characters will be fairly normal Japanese High School Students. There's not any futuristic technology or crazy magic or anything at all, stop looking at me like that."

Normal school years are boring, right? But they're also kind of comforting. You generally won't get attacked by monsters, exposed to dangerous technology, or confront horrendous entities created from pure evil in a normal school year, right?

In the case of a certain group of Japanese High School students, wrong.

A Slice of Life, also known as How not to Have a Normal School Year, is a Play by Post RP located right here, on the TV Tropes forums. It's about a group of Japanese High School students who slowly get drawn into a strange world of futuristic technology and strange, magical beings.

Among the students, there's a Genki Girl, a fairly normal Deadpan Snarker, a seemingly Emotionless Girl, an Elegant Gothic Lolita girl, a Cute and Psycho transfer student, and many more.

The RP itself is essentialy anime and manga in text form, using various tropes from them, such as Cross-Popping Veins.

It can be found Here.

A Characters page is also included.