Referenced By / Pride and Prejudice

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  • You've Got M@il: The main character says she re-reads Pride and Prejudice every year.


  • Bridget Jones Diaries references the plot and its characters, and some see it even as the whole plot reference. Mark Darcy is named after Mr Darcy.

    Live Action TV 

  • In Red Dwarf, Christine Kochanski is a fan of the novel, and in one episode, they visit a computer generated version of P&P world. All the girls are silly and Mrs Bennet actually behaves herself. The guys are pleased that all the girls seem horny...
  • George Wickham, a military officer and antagonist of the TV-only story Sharpe's Justice of Sharpe series, shares a name with a character from Pride and Prejudice, who is also a military officer and an antagonist. Given what happens to the Sharpe version of the character, the episode might be considered a Revenge Fic.

    Web Original 

  • In "Jane Austen is My Home Girl (Downton Abbey Rap)" by Pretty Darn Funny mentions that Mr Bingley is a cutie and Colin Firth (Mr Darcy from 1995 miniseries) is treated as the ultimate man of Jane Austen's fans' dreams.

    Western Animation 

  • In episode "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" of Futurama, Leela and Fry get trapped in several books, including Pride and Prejudice. One Regency era girl flirts with Mr Fry and tells him that he's quite an oddity, too be a bachelor at his age (he's in his early twenties). Then comes the arch-enemy of the episode, the Giant Brain aka Mr Brainsley and the ladies ask him about news from London without a wink. Leela gets an urge to get married as well and asks Queequeg whether there is a Mrs Queequeg.