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Film: Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice is hands down Jane Austen's most famous work and Adaptation Overdosed and Re-imagination Overdosed. Every decade or two, The BBC or other TV or film studio goes on a Jane Austen kick and remakes he famous works as miniseries or film. Pride and Prejudice also gets a lot of Setting Update treatment. There are Bridget Jones books and movies, Bollywood versions, Lost in Austen, or web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
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TV Tropes gives you the film and miniseries versions of Pride and Prejudice:

     The 1940 film 
  • He Also Did: The screenplay was written by none other than Aldous Huxley, during a period when his career was in a slump and he took several such jobs.
  • Hollywood Costuming: Sometimes the Gorgeous Period Dress in adaptations was from the wrong period; in the 1940 adaptation, the Bennet girls are dressed in 1860s hoop skirts and are all wearing heavy cosmetic makeup in the 1940s style, complete with false eyelashes and dark shiny red lipstick. It may have been necessary, given that Elizabeth and Darcy were played in that adaptation by actors well into their forties. It should also be noted that in this instance, the costumes were recycled from Gone with the Wind - the studio was on the verge of bankruptcy and had to take as many shortcuts as they could. Likewise, heavier makeup was also common practice for black and white filming since it shows up better in the lack of color.

     The 1995 miniseries 

     The 2005 film 

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