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Kamen Rider is a prolific franchise, and a lot of other Japanese-based creations occasionally do shout outs to it, usually in the form of Scarf of Asskicking.

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  • Mashiro from Bleach. The mask, the scarf, the kicking techniques...
  • Miyo Hatoyama of Cahe Detective Club is a huge fan of Toku in general and Kamen Rider in particular, so any scene with her usually contains at least one Shout-Out.
  • The manga Change 123 features the Lawyer-Friendly Cameo Kamen Raider as a recurring background element. The series represented by Raider seem to draw more from the Old-Gen than the New-Gen, possibly due to Small Reference Pools.
  • Digimon character Justimon is a pair of bug-eyes away from looking like an official Rider: he has the outfit, the poses, the kick as a signature move, and even a red scarf. However, Stingmon, being an actual insect, has a bug-eyed body and especially head that makes him extremely Rider-esque. Sadly, that's the extent of the homage, if indeed homage is intended.
  • Crayon Shin-chan has a character called "Action Kamen" (called "Action Bastard" in the dub) who is basically a Kamen Rider clone. Humorously enough, it comes full circle with Crayon Shin-chan having crossovers with both Den-O and Fourze.
  • Detective Conan has Kamen Yaiba/Masked Yaiba, which is the favorite show of the Detective Boys.
  • The Great Saiyaman from Dragon Ball Z downright parodies Kamen Riders (and toku heroes in general) yet still manages to be awesome.
  • Franken Fran's "Sentinel" chapters are an obvious homage/parody of the Showa Kamen Rider series, with the four Sentinels corresponding to v1, v2, v3, and Riderman.
  • Future Diary has one in Episode 4, about one of the Diary users hilariously attempting to do a transformation in front of the Ninth user. He even has a Transformation belt. Watch this
  • In HeartCatch Pretty Cure!, Tsubomi's grandmother's maiden name was Kaoruko Godai. Within a day of this being revealed, this piece of fanart hit the internet.
  • Two of the Lucky Star live-action EDs involve Minoru Shiraishi playing with a Den-O belt ("Shi-kaaaaaaideeeeerr!!") and mimicking Rider-1's transformation pose on a hillock (the sped-up Motteke! Serafuku).
    • Don't forget about Konata's father (playing with static electricity). "STUROOONGAAAAA!!!"
  • The Shinryaku! Ika Musume Show Within a Show, "Nohmen Rider", goes the extra mile with its own Expository Theme Tune.

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  • Haiyore Nyaruko San. Turns out that Nyarlathotep is a big fan of Kamen Rider. To the point that she made transformation poses on the cover of most volumes.

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  • Amagamis Sae Nakata is a fan of Inago Mask ("The Masked Locust"). We also see Ai Nanasaki putting on a belt, then placing a blue grasshopper on it. The TV series version of this belt, from the same brand, speaks like a Zecter and has a logo that resembles Smart Brain's.
  • Asura's Wrath: Along with wearing a mask (though not beetle like), Yasha uses the mother of all Rider Kicks to deflect a giant Death Star-like laser cannon forming from the Karma Fortress's head (which is bigger than the moon!)
  • The Kicker Skeleton enemy in Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for Game Boy Advance, who's entire shtick is jumping in the air and Rider Kicking you. It drops the Red Scarf and Ancient Belt items, and if you absorb its soul, you can learn said kick ability.
  • Eureka Seven Volume 1: The New Wave, the video game of the franchise, has a move called Rider Kick, usable by the protagonist and the last melee move you can learn in the game.
  • In The King of Fighters, one of Leona's supers makes her impale her opponent on her claws, everyone freezes as sparks fly out of the enemy, and then Leona pulls out her claws and poses while the opponent blows up, all done in a fashion that suspiciously resembles Kamen Rider BLACK RX's finishing attack (although RX does it with a sword instead of claws). Also notable is that her jumping CD attack is identical to the iconic Rider Kick, right down to the inexplicably glowing foot.
  • Hyakutaro Ichimonji, anyone?
  • Neptunia has a ton of this in the name of Nisa. Scarf of Asskicking? Check! Rider Kick? Check! A badass? Check! Poses? Check! Hot-Blooded? Check! Also one of Neptune's battle start lines is "From start to finish, I'm always at a climax!".
  • The RaiOh, especially its Mid-Season Upgrade DaiRaiOh, from Super Robot Wars Alpha are basically Humongous Mecha versions of Kamen Riders, thanks to the telltale signs of a red Scarf of Asskicking and their respective strongest attacks being kicks. To further the reference, the DaiRaiOh removes its faceplate during its strongest attack with a look resembling Takeshi Hongo, the first Kamen Rider.