Recap / Taxi

Season 1 (September 12, 1978 to May 15, 1979)

Note: This is the only season with Randall Carver as John Burns.
  • S1-E01: Like Father, Like Daughter
Alex approaches a broken phone paywall to get in contact with his estranged daughter.
  • S1-E02: One-Punch Banta
Guest star Carlos Palomino challenges Tony for a match.
  • S1-E03: Blind Date
Alex tries a hand on blind dates with the girl at the other side of the phone.
  • S1-E04: Bobby's Acting Career
Bobby's self-imposed five-year deadline to get his big break is about to expire, and he scrambles for work.
  • S1-E05: Come As You Aren't
Elaine has the chance of having an art meeting, but she's hesitant about inviting her fellow cabbies.
  • S1-E06: The Great Line
Bobby helps John with "the perfect line" to pick up girls, but John ends up married.
  • S1-E07: High School Reunion
It's Louie's 20th high reunion, and he uses Bobby to impersonate him in front of his class.
Latka is about to face deportation, so the cabbies fix a Citizenship Marriage for him. First appearance of Jim Ignatowski.
  • S1-E09: Money Troubles
Alex tries to help John and his wife with a loan.
  • S1-E10: Men Are Such Beasts
Tony wants to get rid of his new girl, but she now works at the garage to spend more time with him.
  • S1-E11-12: Memories of Cab #804 (First two-parter)
John wrecks a cab, which turns to be very important for the gang, who reminisce about their experiences aboard the 804 while Latka attempts to fix it.
  • S1-E13: A Full House for Christmas
Louie's brother Nick comes home for the holidays, and Louie wants to get back at him on a card game.
  • S1-E14: Sugar Mama
Alex gets acquainted to an old lady passenger.
  • S1-E15: Friends
Bobby accidentally kills Tony's pet goldfish, and their friendship gets into a jeopardy.
  • S1-E16: Louie Sees the Light
Louie resolves to make a Heel–Face Turn after "surviving" an exploratory operation.
  • S1-E17: Elaine and the Lame Duck
The cabbies set up a nerdy Congressman (Jeffrey Tambor) with Elaine as a joke. However the date is a surprising success.
  • S1-E18: Bobby's Big Break
Bobby lands a role in a soap opera and quits the garage.
  • S1-E19: Mama Gravas
Latka's mom Greta comes to America and has a romance with Alex.
  • S1-E20: Alex Tastes Death and Finds a Nice Restaurant
After being robbed, Alex quits driving cabs and ends up working as a waiter.
  • S1-E21: Hollywood Calling
The garage is chosen to be a location for a movie.
  • S1-E22: Substitute Father
The cabbies have to look after Elaine's son as he has an spelling bee while she's out of town.

Season 2 (September 11, 1979 to March 13, 1980)

  • S2-E01: Louie and the Nice Girl
Louie makes friends with Zena, the new candy machine replenisher. However, it might be that Louie is taking a liking to her.
  • S2-E02: Honor Thy Father
Alex's father has a heart attack and is hospitalized, but he doesn't seem to care at all.
The gang finds Reverend Jim wandering around, so they resolve to make him a cabbie.
  • S2-E04: Nardo Loses Her Marbles
Elaine begins to behave erratically as a result of overwork.
  • S2-E05: The Reluctant Fighter
Tony is challenged by a top fighter, but he is hesitant to accept.
  • S2-E06: Wherefore Art Thou, Bobby?
Bobby decides to coach a young actor who has just arrived at the garage.
  • S2-E07: The Lighter Side of Angela Matusa
Alex meets his former "blind date" Angela after a few months, only to find she has lost a lot of weight.
  • S2-E08: A Woman Between Friends
A pretty girl strains the friendship of Bobby and Tony.
  • S2-E09: The Great Race
Louie challenges Alex to see who of them gets more money.
  • S2-E10: The Apartment
Latka rents a very expensive penthouse, so the cabbies help him with a "rent party".
  • S2-E11: Alex's Romance (First episode with Jim as a regular)
Alex begins a romance with a failed actress.
  • S2-E12: Latka's Revolting
Latka faces a call for arms as his homeland is torn by a civil war.
  • S2-E13: Elaine's Secret Admirer
Elaine has been getting some letters lately, and she wants to find the author.
  • S2-E14: Louie Meets the Folks
Louie visits Zena's parents looking for their approval.
  • S2-E15: Jim Gets A Pet
Jim buys a racehorse who hasn't won a single race.
  • S2-E16: Tony and Brian
Tony seeks to adopt a child, but he has to compete with a wealthy couple.
  • S2-E17: Guess Who's Coming For Brefnish
Sparks fly when Latka meets Simka, a native from his country who get hired as a secretary.
  • S2-E18: What Price Bobby?
Bobby might have his shot at fame when he becomes involved with a famous talent agent.
  • S2-E19-20: Shut It Down (two-parter)
The cabbies strike over Louie's unfair treatment. He agrees however to compromise with the condition he has a date with Elaine.
  • S2-E21: Alex Jumps Out of an Airplane
After spending a week at a ski resort, Alex realizes he hasn't lived life at its fullest and decides to do parachute jumping.
  • S2-E22: Art Work
The cabbies decide to bid for art at an auction.
  • S2-E23-24: Fantasy Borough (two-parter)
The gang tell about their wildest dreams, from Latka switching places with Louie to Elaine dreaming of a Busby Berkeley-style musical number.

Season 3 (November 19, 1980 to May 21, 1981)

  • S3-E01: Louie's Rival
Louie discovers that Zena is dating another man.
  • S3-E02: Tony's Sister and Jim
Jim becomes friends with Tony's recently-divorced sister, to Tony's chagrin.
  • S3-E03: Fathers of the Bride
Alex discovers he wasn't invited to his daughter's wedding.
  • S3-E04: Elaine's Strange Triangle
The cabbies set Elaine up with a handsome businessman, who in fact is more interested in Tony.
  • S3-E05: Going Home
Alex joins Iggy to Boston where his father wants to discuss inheritance matters,
  • S3-E06: The Ten Percent Solution
Bobby trains Tony to be an actor.
  • S3-E07: Call of the Mild
Alex, Tony, Bobby and Jim decide to spend a week in the woods, but a series of misfortunes have them scrambling for food.
  • S3-E08: Latka's Cookies
Latka inherits a recipe for cookies from his late grandmother, the cookies becoming very popular among the cabbies. However, he is unaware of the secret ingredient.
  • S3-E09: Thy Boss's Wife
Mrs. McKenzie decides to get back at her husband by spending the night with no one other than... Louie.
  • S3-E10: The Costume Party
The cabbies become autograph hounds, and decide to crash a yacht party allegedly attended by celebrities.
  • S3-E11: Elaine's Old Friend
Elaine has Alex pose as her boyfriend to impress a high school friend of hers.
  • S3-E12: Out of Commission
Tony is forced to hang up the gloves for good as he risks brain damage.
  • S3-E13: Zen and the Art of Cab Driving
Iggy discovers his full potential as a cab driver.
  • S3-E14: Louie's Mother
Louie sends his mother to a retirement home, but he soon begins to miss her.
  • S3-E15: Bobby's Roommate
Elaine moves in with Bobby when she becomes unable to pay the rent for her home.
  • S3-E16: Louie Bumps Into an Old Lady
An old lady sues the garage after Louie runs her over. However, Alex recognizes her as a con artist.
  • S3-E17: Bobby and the Critic
Bobby confronts a newspaper critic who wrote a scathing review of him.
  • S3-E18-19: On the Job (two-parter)
The Sunshine Cab Co. goes under, so the gang is forced to get work elsewhere. One month later, they reunite at Mario's to tell their stories.
  • S3-E20: Latka the Playboy
Unable to talk to women, Latka decides to create an alter-ego, an arrogant playoy who calls himself Vic Ferrari.

Season 4 (October 8, 1981 to May 6, 1982)

Note: Bobby appears in only three episodes, two held over from season three.
  • S4-E01: Jim the Psychic
Jim finds out he has psychic powers... and one of his predictions involve something terrible happen to Alex. Held-over episode.
  • S4-E02: Vienna Waits
Elaine invits Alex to tour Europe with her. First episode without Bobby.
  • S4-E03: Mr. Personalities
Latka begins to develop even more personalities, so Alex decides to seek a therapist for him.
  • S4-E04: Jim Joins the Network
Iggy lands a job on television thanks to his psychic abilities.
  • S4-E05: Louie's Fling
Louie begins an affair with a friend of Zena.
  • S4-E06: Like Father, Like Son
Alex and his father tangle over one woman.
  • S4-E07: Louie's Mom Remarries
Louie is furious when his mother announces her engagement to a Japanese man.
  • S4-E08: Fledgling
Elaine helps an artist with agoraphobia. Held-over episode.
  • S4-E09: Of Mice and Tony
Tony returns to the boxing scene by taking a promising young fighter under his wing.
  • S4-E10: Louie Goes Too Far
Elaine catches Louie peeping on her, getting him fired.
  • S4-E11: I Wanna Be Around
Louie lock himself and the cabbies in a "bunker" for a nuclear drill.
  • S4-E12: Bobby Doesn't Live Here Anymore
In his final appearance, Bobby pays his former colleagues a visit as he is set to appear on a prime-time soap.
  • S4-E13: Nina Loves Alex
A young cabbie develops a crush on Alex, and tries to loosen him up.
  • S4-E14: Tony's Lady
Tony takes a second job as a chauffeur, and he end up having a fling with the woman he works for.
  • S4-E15: Simka Returns
Simka decides to have a second chance with Latka, but is torn between him and his alter-ego.
  • S4-E16: Jim and the Kid
Iggy befriends a wayward kid who squats at his place.
  • S4-E17: Take My Ex-Wife, Please
Alex finds out that his ex has been dumped... and now she is dating Louie.
  • S4-E18: The Unkindest Cut
The gang decides to avenge Elaine after she gets an ugly hairdo.
  • S4-E19: Tony's Comeback
Tony attempts to become a boxer again, in spite of medical advice.
  • S4-E20: Elegant Iggy
Elaine reluctantly takes Jim as an "escort" to an upscale party. Meanwhile, the conflict between Latka and Vic continues to escalate.
  • S4-E21: The Wedding of Latka and Simka
After Dr. Joyce Brothers finally frees Latka from Vic, he is now ready to marry Simka. But first they need to prove their love, according to their national customs.
  • S4-E22: Cooking for Two
After Jim's apartment is torn down, Louie reluctantly takes him as a boarder. Things quickly go up in flames—literally.
  • S4-E23-24: The Road Not Taken (two-parter)
Elaine get a job offer from Seattle. The other cabbies reflect on their own missed chances. Last episode broacast by ABC.

Season 5 (September 30, 1982 to June 15, 1983)

Note: The show switches to NBC.
  • S5-E01: Love, Un-American Style (The Shloogel Show)
Latka and Simka pair their fellow co-workers with blind dates.
  • S5-E02: Jim's Inheritance
Iggy's father dies, leaving him with a large inheritance... which will be managed by his brother Tom.
  • S5-E03: Alex Goes Off the Wagon
After a weekend in Atantic City, Alex is bitten again by the gambling bug.
  • S5-E04-05: Scenskees from a Marriage (two-parter)
Latka and Simka's marriage hits the rocks when Latka sleeps with a female cabbie to keep from freezing. In accordance to tradition, Simka now has to spend one night with another man.
  • S5-E06: Crime and Punishment
Louie accuses Jeff of stealing parts, although Louie is the actual culprit.
  • S5-E07: Alex the Gofer
Alex gets a job as a gofer under a couple of arrogant producers. Louie sees him facing such humiliation... and defends him.
  • S5-E08: Louie's Revenge
Louie plans to get back at the girl who broke up his relationship with Zena.
  • S5-E09: Travels with my Dad
Tony decides to join his fisherman father for some "quality time", getting to know him better.
  • S5-E10: Elaine and the Monk
Elaine falls for Simka's cousin, a monk who has one week off from his vow of silence.
  • S5-E11: Zena's Honeymoon
Louie is devastated when Zena announces her marriage. It's up to Alex to convince him to bury the hatchet.
  • S5-E12: Get Me Through the Holidays
The gang has to endure Alex's ex-wife, who gets more depressed than usual around Christmastime.
  • S5-E13: Louie Moves Uptown
Louie considers moving to a co-op... which rejected Penny Marshall as a tenant.
  • S5-E14: Alex's Old Buddy
Alex reunites with his aging dog, which hasn't too much time left.
  • S5-E15: Sugar Ray Nardo
Elaine's son becomes interested on boxing, in spite of Elaine's opposition.
  • S5-E16-17: A Taxi Celebration (one-hour)
Danny DeVito hosts a compendium consisting of the series' most notable moments.
  • S5-E18: Alex Gets Burned by an Old Flame
Alex begins a fling with an old girlfriend of Jim's.
  • S5-E19: Louie and the Blind Girl
Louie panics when his blind girlfriend undergoes surgery to regain her sight.
  • S5-E20: Arnie Meets the Kids
Elaine's boyfriend Arnie is not well accepted by her kids, so he decides to bribe them.
  • S5-E21: Tony's Baby
Just when he is about to make his comeback, Tony gets the news that his girlfriend is pregnant.
  • S5-E22: Jim's Mario's
Iggy decides to buy the cabbies' hangout with permission from his brother. However, he runs into trouble when he tries to sell alcoho without a license.
  • S5-E23: A Grand Gesture
Jim decides to give one thousand dollar to every one in the gang, on the condition they give it to someone they feel needs it.
  • S5-E24: Simka's Monthlies
Simka is about to become an American citizen, but her pre-menstrual syndrome begins to mess with her.