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!!Season 1 (September 12, 1978 to May 15, 1979)
Note: This is the only season with Randall Carver as John Burns.
* S1-E01: Like Father, Like Daughter
-> Alex approaches a broken phone paywall to get in contact with his estranged daughter.
* S1-E02: One-Punch Banta
-> Guest star Carlos Palomino challenges Tony for a match.
* S1-E03: Blind Date
-> Alex tries a hand on blind dates with the girl at the other side of the phone.
* S1-E04: Bobby's Acting Career
-> Bobby's five-year deadline to get his big break is about to expire, and he scrambles for work.
* S1-E05: Come As You Aren't
-> Elaine has the chance of having an art meeting, but she's hesitant about inviting her fellow cabbies.
* S1-E06: The Great Line
-> Bobby helps John with "the perfect line" to pick up girls, but John ends up married.
* S1-E07: High School Reunion
-> It's Louie's 20th high reunion, and he uses Bobby to impersonate him in front of his class.
* S1-E08: [[Recap/TaxiS1E08PaperMarriage Paper Marriage]] (First appearance of Jim Ignatowski)
-> Latka is about to face deportation, so the cabbies fix a GreenCardMarriage for him.
* S1-E09: Money Troubles
-> Alex tries to help John and his wife with a loan.
* S1-E10: Men Are Such Beasts
-> Tony wants to get rid of his new girl, who now works at the garage.
* S1-E11-12: Memories Of Cab #804 (First two-parter)
-> John wrecks a cab, which turns to be very important for the gang.
* S1-E13: A Full House For Christmas
-> Louie's brother Nick comes home, and Louie wants to get back at him on a card game.
* S1-E14: Sugar Mama
-> Alex gets acquainted to an old lady passenger.
* S1-E15: Friends
-> Bobby accidentally kills Tony's pet goldfish, and their friendship gets into a jeopardy.
* S1-E16: Louie Sees The Light
-> Louie resolves to make a HeelFaceTurn after "surviving" an exploratory operation.
* S1-E17: Elaine And The Lame Duck
-> The cabbies set up a nerdy Congressman (Jeffrey Tambor) with Elaine as a joke. However the date is a surprising success.
* S1-E18: Bobby's Big Break
-> Bobbyy lands a role in a soap opera and quits the garage.
* S1-E19: Mama Gravas
-> Latka's mom Greta comes to America and has a romance with Alex.
* S1-E20: Alex Tastes Death And Finds A Nice Restaurant
-> After being robbed, Alex quits driving cabs and ends up working as a waiter.
* S1-E21: Hollywood Calling
-> The garage is chosen to be a location for a movie.
* S1-E22: Substitute Father
-> The cabbies have to look after Elaine's son as he has an spelling bee while she's out of town.

!!Season 2 (September 11, 1979 to March 13, 1980)
* S2-E01: Louie And The Nice Girl
* S2-E02: Honor Thy Father
* S2-E03: [[Recap/TaxiS2E03ReverendJimASpaceOdyssey Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey]]
* S2-E04: Nardo Loses Her Marbles
* S2-E05: The Reluctant Fighter
* S2-E06: Wherefore Art Thou Bobby?
* S2-E07: The Lighter Side of Angela Matusa
* S2-E08: A Woman Between Friends
* S2-E09: The Great Race
* S2-E10: The Apartment
* S2-E11: Alex's Romance (First episode with Jim as a regular)
* S2-E12: Latka's Revolting
* S2-E13: Elaine's Secret Admirer
* S2-E14: Louie Meets the Folks
* S2-E15: Jim Gets A Pet
* S2-E16: Tony and Brian
* S2-E17: Guess Who's Coming For Brefnish
* S2-E18: What Price Bobby?
* S2-E19-20: Shut It Down (two-parter)
* S2-E21: Alex Jumps Out of an Airplane
* S2-E22: Art Work
* S2-E23-24: Fantasy Borough (two-parter)