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  • "Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey" is a Crowning Episode of Funny with such highlights as:
    • Tony winning his fight by default because his opponent tripped on the ropes climbing into the ring and knocked himself out.
    • Latka's adventure in Harlem:
      Latka: So I was walking around, eh, lost, and I go into the bar and I tell everyone I am looking for a fight.
      Bobby: Uh, did you find one?
      Latka: Well, lots of people offered to help.
      Latka: So, how was your fight?
      Tony: I won!
      Latka: Oh, you are a bad dude!
    • Jim slipping a tranquilizer into Louie's coffee, causing him to break into song and pass out on one of the cabs. And he's still there at the end of the episode!
    • And, of course, "Whaaaaaaaat doooooooes aaaaaaaaaaa yeeeeeeeeelloooooooooow liiiiiiiiiiiight meeeeaaaaan?"
      • In the original script, Jim was only supposed to say it once but when the director saw how the audience reacted, he urged Christopher Lloyd to continue with longer dragging out of the words.
      • Tony keeps egging him on with a "Slow down!" every time he asks. After the third time, Alex starts whacking Tony with an application to shut him up, layering a Funny Background Event on top of what's already a Crowning Moment of Funny.
  • "Jim the Psychic", in which Jim foretells Alex's death. Most of the episode is pretty bland, but the payoff is well worth it.
    "Did you see it, Reiger?! It was hideous!"
  • Latka's funniest moment would have to be his daydream in "Fantasy Borough" - a revenge fantasy in which he and Louie have switched roles, costumes, and personalities. The best part is his fantasy was about to end with Louie being shot by a firing squad before being yelled at to get back to work. Before he does, Latka quickly closes his eyes again and whispers "Fire."
  • A case of "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny, but before Danny Devito was well known, nobody knew how short he was. The moment he steps out of the dispatcher's cage in the pilot, the audiences roared with laughter.
  • Louie destroying his high school reunion by touching his old crush's hair.
  • Blueberries or blue berries?
  • Jim trying to sell a vacuum cleaner in "On the Job". After his tortuous sales pitch, which involves dumping a bunch of dirt, ketchup, grease, etc. onto a lady's carpet and grinding it in with his feet, the punchline comes: "Ooooh, yeah... I didn't get the vacuum job. I'm selling encyclopedias."
  • Elaine meets the perfect man in her cab, and they have a long, intimate conversation on the way to his destination. Then it turns out Louie had been listening in the whole time. The audience's reaction completely drowns out the next couple lines.
  • Alex in the gay bar getting literally pulled into dancing with another man. At first he resists, but then...
  • A couple gems from Jim in "Latka's Revolting":
    • His reaction to music from Latka's country after listening to it for a few seconds: "You just never know what Dylan's gonna do next..."
    • After hearing the breaking news about the revolution:
      Jim: [panicked] ADI-FEEBI [runs for the door] ADI-FEEBI!
      Louie: [leans out of the booth] Get back here! You don't even know what "adi-feebi" means!
      Jim: So what? [leaves]
  • In "Latka's Cookies", Jim being such a connoisseur of illicit substances that he can ID a batch of coca leaves as being from "Southern Peru, '74, before the rains."
  • "Take My Ex-Wife, Please" has Alex and Tony double-dating with a pair of sexy blonde identical twins. At a restaurant they run into Jim, who attempts to make small talk with the ladies:
    Jim: How do? How's it goin'?... Egg split in the womb, huh?
  • In "Crime and Punishment", Louie's bosses reaction to Louie confessing that he, not Jeff, was responsible for illegally selling parts.
  • In "Louie Sees the Light", the normally nasty Louie has what he thinks is going to be life-threatening surgery, so he makes a deal with God that if he survives, he'll be nicer. It turns out only to be a very large gallstone and Louie gets back to work quickly, surprising everyone with how nice he is now. But Bobby has made a bet that Louie can't be nice for one whole day. When Bobby gives in and starts to pay off to Alex, Louie becomes very angry at the ruse, wherein he had baited Louie with a false "accident" report to get him angry, and proceeds to hang Bobby from an engine hoist. Then he delivers the following epic speech:
    "You lowlife! You creep! I'm gonna make you regret the day you were born! I'm gonna make sure that every night, you get the dirtiest, smelliest cab in the garage! And if there isn't one that's dirty and smelly, then I'm gonna get in, and smelly and dirty it up myself! In the wintertime, your cab will have no heater! In the summertime, your windows won't roll down! I'm gonna make you the second most miserable cab driver in all of New York City! Beat The most miserable cab driver in all of New York City is whoever lets him down or feeds him!"
  • The episode with Jim's "origin story"; the sight of the good Reverend dressed all college-preppy has to be seen to be believed. Then, he takes one bite from a "special" brownie, and the rest is history - Christopher Lloyd's acting as James morphs into Jim is gold.
    • Also great is Jim's stoned friend Gordon, who's played by Tom Hanks.
      "Oh, Jim, don't you understand, huh? I mean, all the studying, all the books, and all the libraries, and all the gymnasiums... I forgot my thought!"
    • As James argues with his roommate the importance of hard work, there's this:
      James:But who will be the leaders of tomorrow! *beat*
      *The door suddenly opens and Gordon falls flat on his face, flopping around like a dead fish before ending up on his back*
      Gordon: How did you guys beat me here?
      James: Gordon, this is our room.
      Gordon: I thought the ceiling looked familiar.
  • Jim spends "Zen and the Art of Cab Driving" being a better cab driver in order to get the funds needed for his desired goal. When he succeeds, he reveals that it was all for a massive hook-up of televisions showing different programs.
    • One TV is tuned to a Delaware debate about what citizens of the state should call themselves: "Personally, I'm rooting for the Delawareans, although the Delawarites put up a good argument. Delaweenians didn't stand a chance."
    • "Alex, you know the best thing about television? Whenever anything happens anywhere in the world night or day... you can always change the channel."