Heartwarming / Taxi

  • The end of "Elaine's Secret Admirer".
    JIM: I'm not every woman's dreamboat...
    ELAINE: You are the dearest, sweetest, most wonderful person...
    JIM: Funny thing - there used to be a time when that was enough.
  • Louie actually wishing Latka good luck in "Latka's Revolting".
  • In "Memories Of Cab 804", Tony reminisces about one occasion when he prevented a man from jumping off the Queensboro bridge by only telling him not to do it.
  • After Alex is mugged by one of his passengers, resulting in a bullet through the ear, he quits Sunshine in fear and gets a job as a waiter at an upscale restaurant. His friends drop by as a show of support, and they get into a debate about the perks of both jobs. They point out that all his friends work at Sunshine Cab Co., and upon considering this he immediately quits the waiter position and agrees to come back.
  • In "Bobby Doesn't Live Here Anymore", as Bobby prepares to depart for Hollywood on a permanent basis (due to Jeff Conaway officially leaving the show), he tells Alex not to say goodbye, as "they'll be seeing a lot more of each other." Alex, in contrast, reflects that if Bobby makes it big, they may never see each other again.
    Alex: ... Here's hoping we never see each other again.
  • Louie is about to propose to his blind girlfriend Judy when she tells him that she's going to get her sight back through surgery. The rest of the episode deals with his fear that she's going to be repulsed him when she sees what he looks like, him recounting all the looks of disappointment and disgust he's gotten from blind dates over the years. On the day of her operation, panicking, the only thing he can think of to do is pluck out the hair between his eyebrows. Finally the moment of truth comes:
    Judy: Oh, Louie, you're beautiful!... You're exactly the way I pictured you... Except I thought you had a little more hair between your eyebrows.
    Louie: It grows back!
  • One episode had the death of Jim's estranged father as the plot. As part of the man's will, Jim was left with a box of his father's clothes and an audio cassette tape, as well as instructions of what to do with said items. Jim sets the clothes up so that it looks like his father is sitting in a chair, sits down himself, and plays the tape, a recording of "You are the sunshine of my life." The look on Jim's face as he gets the message is pure gold.