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Wild Mass Guessing for the Taxi series.
"Latka" is a con-artist
  • He's only posing as foreigner, the country he claims to be from, doesn't even exist. The "language" is just some made up gibbberish.
Bobby is Bi/Pansexual
  • Feathered haired, tight-fitting clothes, works in the theater, his relationship with Tony, what are the chances?
Latka's country has been/is at war with Mypos
  • It's been going for centuries, but you never hear about it because both countries are very small and insignificant.
John Charles Walters (the Mr. Walters seen after the credits) is the owner of the taxi company
  • The reason he groans after his secretary says good night to him, is he can't stand the way his employees act.
Alex is related to Hawkeye Pierce
  • A cousin, uncle perhaps?