Fridge / Taxi


  • Fridge Logic: In Jim's first appearance, he struggles to remember his last name when filling out a form. He's asked: "What was your father's name?" To which he replies: "Ignatowski." However, Jim's family makes an appearance in a much later episode and his father's last name is Caldwell, and that Jim changed his name to Ignatowski because he thought it was "Starchild" spelled backward.
    • The obvious explanation: Jim's brain-circuitry is so fried, he could have said anything.


  • Fridge Brilliance: In the third movie, General Bertineau asks Daniel to take him to a work meeting, and they end up in the police commissariat. Why Bertineau, a military general, would go there, would be fridge logic... untill we remember that a few scenes later, an entire company of soldiers with rocket launchers and armoured cars are called in to help the police deal with the Santa Claus gang.