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Recap: Spongebob Squarepants S 1 E 2 Bubblestand Ripped Pants
Airdate: July 17, 1999

It's a beautiful day in Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob decides it's the perfect day to build a bubblestand, much to Squidward's annoyance. Now for only 25 cents, SpongeBob will teach anyone who's willing the proper technique to creating the perfect bubble. Just as Squidward wonders aloud who would be stupid enough to pay to blow bubbles, Patrick shows up and SpongeBob begins his show of amazing bubble creations, which bothers Squidward even further. When Squidward's attempts to blow bubbles for himself fail, he is forced to do his own take on SpongeBob's technique with unexpected results.

Tropes present in Bubblestand (YMMV here):

  • Blowing a Raspberry: What Squidward's bubbles do when he blows them.
  • Broken Record: After Squidward successfully did the technique, SpongeBob and Patrick repeat his name until a giant bubble approaches Squidward's house.
  • Double Take: SpongeBob's bubble blowing technique includes three in a row.
  • Floating in a Bubble: Squidward's house towards the end.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: SpongeBob's bubble blowing technique.
  • Tasty Gold: SpongeBob bites into a quarter Patrick gave him to see if it's real... despite it being the exact same quarter he gave Patrick mere seconds before. He does the same thing to Squidward's quarter, which bends when he bites it.
  • Running Gag: Patrick going too long with his reactions long after SpongeBob stops with his.
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Squidward briefly learns how to play the clarinet well after using SpongeBob's bubble technique until his house gets sucked inside a giant bubble, and it loudly pops, apparently destroying his clarinet skills.

Airdate: July 17, 1999

SpongeBob is spending the day at Goo Lagoon with Sandy and is having fun making her laugh, but finds the spotlight stolen by the buff and athletic Larry the Lobster. While trying to join them in lifting weights, SpongeBob rips his pants in front of everyone and is humiliated. He then discovers that everyone thought he did it on purpose and finds him hilarious. SpongeBob then proceeds to find creative ways to split his pants and send everyone in hysterics...until he does so after pretending to drown. Joining several other miscasts on the beach, he learns that if he wants to win over his friends, just be song!

Tropes present in Ripped Pants (YMMV here):

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