Recap / Pushing Daisies S 2 E 5 Dim Sum Lose Sum

The Past

Ned, lonely at Boarding School, falls in with a group of similarly lonely boys who gamble to pass the weekends when the other boys are home with their families. All that Ned has to wager is a box of chocolates he pocketed just before his father took him to school—but he discovers, after he has already wagered it, that the box had been intended as a gift to him from his late mother. He loses it, and learns that gambling always includes at least one unforeseen outcome.

The Present

Emerson receives a plea for help in the fortune cookie he received with his take-out from the dim sum restaurant below his office. There he finds Lai Di, the newly-bereaved widow of the restaurant's chef, Bao Ting. Lai Di asks Emerson to solve Bao's death.

Bao is panicky when revived, and can only say that he was afraid for his life after losing a bet. The nature of the bet seems clear after Bao's best friend comes to the Pie Hole and explains that the dim sum restaurant has been running an illegal gambling operation—but a search of the restaurant turns up no sign of one.