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Recap: Pushing Daisies S 2 E 4 Frescorts

The Past

Young Emerson gets his start as a private investigator thanks to his mother, private investigator Callista Cod. Mother and son worked together as detectives throughout Emerson's childhood, and vowed to never let lies come between them.

The Present

Emerson is trying to get his pop-up book, L'il Gumshoe published, in the hopes that it will bring his daughter back to him. But his investigation is derailed when his own mother pays a visit; despite his promise to never lie to his mother, he never told her that he had had a child.

The Pie Hole crew—plus Callista—gets involved in the death of Joe, who says his "best friend" did it. But Joe was a "frescort", a friend-for-hire, in the employ of "My Best Friend, Inc.", and had several best friends.

He also had a roommate: amateur taxidermist Randy Mann. Ned recognizes a kindred spirit.


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