Recap: Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 06 E 23 The Amazing Transparent Man

"So, the leading causes of accidents are joy, sex, and old age?"
Mike Nelson on The Days Of Our Years

Film watched: The Amazing Transparent Man with the short The Days of Our Years

The Days of Our Years and another short, Catching Trouble, are considered two of the more upsetting shorts ever shown on MST3K.

The MST3K presentation of The Amazing Transparent Man contains these tropes: (YMMV items here)

  • Acting for Two: Kevin Murphy is one half of the couple patronizing the bed and Deep 13 (his wife is played by Mary Jo Pehl). He is appropriately squicked out by Servo's antics ("Don't you give Mikey no matches!!!")... which he happens to voice.
  • Brick Joke: 'Gentle pressure, see?'
  • Disguised in Drag: "Auntie McFrank", bed-and-breakfast proprietress.
  • Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: Mike as "Mikey"
    • Watch Mike closely: He never blinks in that single shot.
  • Shout-Out: Tom and Mike's characters in the "local color" segment are at least inspired by George and Lenny. And Llama!Crow... poor Llama!Crow.

The counter-depressing MST3K version of The Days of Our Years provides the following tropes:

  • Comically Missing the Point: Mike misses the point of the Psalm at the start of the short, which is to pretty much enjoy your life while you have it.
  • Continuity Nod: As the minister dispassionately narrates Joe's reckless driving:
    Minister: The others? They were along for the ride, whether they liked it or not. Liked it? They hated it.
  • Eye Scream: Worth repeating, because it's the only time Mike and the bots are disturbed when watching the short.
    Mike: You don't have to HOLD it there!
  • Mind Screw: The minister at one point to Crow.
    Minister: Whenever I do I'm often reminded of things that happened to people who weren't even there (accidents).
    Crow: Oh sure, I - HUH?!
  • Repetitive Name:
    Minister: Yes, Joe was a pretty lucky guy. A good job as road electrical foreman, a wonderful girl who wanted nothing in the world more than to be Mrs. Joe.
    Mike: So his name is Joe Joe?
  • Retirony: Jokingly alluded to in the riffing:
    Minister: If (George) could only hold out until retirement time.
    Crow: It's at five o'clock today.
  • Shout-Out: Plan 9 from Outer Space gets a couple.
  • This Isn't Heaven: Alluded to during a dream sequence that films a couple making out through the flames of a fireplace.
    Tom: They're in Hell!

Servo: Reverend, I'm having a crisis of faith, what should I do?
Crow: Get safety goggles, my son.