Recap / Kim Possible S 1 E 1 Crush

Middleton High's Spirit Week dance is coming up, and although Kim Possible usually takes her best friend, Ron Stoppable, to most functions, she decides instead to ask Josh Mankey, a handsome older student she's crushing on. Before she can, however, she's called off to Japan to rescue workers from the Nakasumi Toy factory, which has been taken over by her Arch-Enemy, Dr. Drakken (leading Ron to think the villain is planning to steal it's new video game, thereby ruining Christmas). Though Kim manages to save the workers, Drakken absconds with the entire factory.

Back at Middleton High, all of Kim's attempts to talk with Josh end in disaster (as do all of Ron's attempts to get a date) ending with her accidentally destroying one of his banners in the gym. Hoping to avoid school, Kim travels to Drakken's Apline base and, after overcoming Shego & his henchmen, discovers he's converted the factory's assembly line into a giant robot. With Wade's help, Kim disables the robot until a recovered Shego allows Drakken to regain control; fortunately, Kim is able to use her grappling hook to trip up the robot, foiling Drakken's scheme.

With the evil plot foiled, Kim overcomes her adversity and manages to ask Josh to the dance. Everyone has a good time, except Ron, who gets locked in a closet (by Kim, of all people) and misses out on everything.

This episode provides examples of: