Recap: Kim Possible S 1 E 16 Kimitation Nation

At school, Kim is complaining about the seniors and their exclusive table, which gets even worse when her nemesis, Bonnie Rockwaller is allowed to sit there, despite not being a senior, due to wearing the latest fashion craze, pink pouf. Later, Kim goes on a mission to help scientist Dr. Fenster and protect another high-tech gadget, from being stolen by Drakken & Shego. During the course of the mission, Kim crash lands into the Downloaded Music Awards, where she catches the attention of fashion icon Elsa Kleig.

Meanwhile, Drakken comes up with a new evil plan — producing an army of clones. He runs into a snag when Shego absolutely refuses to let him clone her (having a no cloning clause in her contract) and walks off. While this is happening, Kleig creates a new fashion line based on Kim's mission clothes called "Kim Style," which becomes the new craze. However, Kim's attempt to take advantage of it to gain popularity fails, and she becomes fed up with it. At Drakken's lair, a TV report on the new trend gives him the idea to clone Kim instead... after all, who better to defeat Kim Possible than Kim Possible? Drakken then travels to Middleton to steal Kim's DNA, but gets Bonnie's instead; however, the clone is still vicious, so he decides to work with it.

Kim, Ron & Monique have a run in with one of the clones, eventually locking it in a dumpster, where it dissolves for some reason. Tracking Drakken to his mobile base, Kim battles him, but not before he creates clones of Ron, Rufus, & herself. Hiding from her clones, Kim learns from Wade, who earlier scanned the remains of the Bonnie clone, that soda can destroy them. Luring the clones to Bueno Nacho, Kim uses the soda machine to destroy them all, while Drakken escapes after Shego returns from her vacation, promising to never clone her. Eventually, "Kim Style" goes out of style, but Kleig presents her new fashion line based on Ron's casual clothes, with Rufus as the model.

This episode provides examples of: