Recap / Journey Through the Multiverse

This is the recap to Journey Through the Multiverse. At some point between Buffy's World and Linkara's world, there was a move made to Proboards, and so, when the number resets, it simply means that the story has moved to Proboards.

The World Of Lilim (1-42)

An Eternal War

The story begins with Captain Marvelous on the run from an enemy ship. However, coming to his rescue is Monkey D. Luffy, who sacrifices his life to allow Marvelous to form Gokaioh. After dealing a Mutual Kill, Marvelous dies and the enemy ship explodes, causing countless items to fall into the earth below. The enemy ship's leader, Kadoya Tsukasa survives the battle and seeks out a means to get off the Earth.

One by one, a group of people began to wake up and read up on some of the things happening, like a meteor shower and reports of an Incubator being found. Soon they managed to find strange devices and shards that gave them powers. One of these people, Viktor, found himself in the bridge of Luffy's ship, A Ha'tak. Soon, nearly everyone found themselves transported there. Meanwhile, the Incubator mentioned before is under the run, and manages to come across one holder of a shard, which soon crystallizes into a Soul Gem, which also changes the holder into a girl.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa searches for activated shards, but finds someone who was shot and killed by a thug. Using a Color Timer the dead person, Nicholas, was holding at the time, Tsukasa saves the man's life in return for his servitude to Dai-Shocker, The Empire in which Tsukasa is the leader of. They soon teleport near the Ha'tak, where the Incubator (Nanabey) and the girl (Jon/Jen) are going to.

As more people come onto the Ha'tak, the A.I. of the ship, N.A.V.I., activates and requires Viktor to solve a riddle, which through the help of George, a guy who has the power to change classes ala Onion Kid, they manage to get. Nanabey, Jon, Nicholas, and Tsukasa encounter each other, with Tsukasa ordering Nicholas to take over the Ha'tak. Meanwhile, N.A.V.I. explains to Viktor about the Red Pirates, the previous owners of the ship, and their quest to find the source of metaphysical energy such as Mana or Chakara, known simply as "The Power".

However, a group of people noticed Nicholas approach the ship and head off to find out what the fuss is about. They encounter Nicholas, but he changes sides once they tell him that Viktor has already taken over the ship. Meanwhile, Tsukasa transforms into Kamen Rider Decade to take on Jen, who transforms into her Puella Magi form. Nanabey managed to get onto the ship and retreat to the ship's medical bay to get healed. Tsukasa managed to get defeated and the Ha'tak flies off.

At Viktor's request, the ship lands in Boulder, Colorado to recharge on energy cells and food. Meanwhile, Tsukasa finds another person, Mutsuki, who he sees is an Orphenoch. Tsukasa offers Mutsuki his spot in his army and after some convincing, he accepts. Meanwhile, a TARDIS comes into the ship and everyone begins to panic and wonder at the person riding it, The Philosopher. After a lot of mistrust, the Philosopher was knocked out and taken to Medical Bay.

As the group rests, shops and trains all separately, Mutsuki arrives at the Ha'tak and the group come out. Soon a battle breaks out, all while George, Viktor, and Nicholas are out shopping. By the time they came back, the ship was firing stunning blasts at the battle as per the request of Thomas, who had Super Speed from Rincewind. This causes a ruckus between Viktor and Thomas, and in the middle of this the group was named the Imperium.

In the middle of the fight, N.A.V.I. initiated Operation Lock 'n Rock, which entails the lockdown of all doors, and then launching into hyperspeed to another world. As Mutuski was about to be defeated, Kamen Rider Diend came and saved Mutsuki, then leaving to an abandoned warehouse. Meanwhile, Tsukasa recruits another member by the name of Kios, who had Envy's shapeshifting powers, as well as some other traits. After Tsukasa tells him that he has a cure for the Homunculus-induced headaches, Kios too joins him, though with his own intents as the story develops. Tsukasa soon takes him to the warehouse where he meets Diend, who is revealed to be an Alternate Universe version of Linkara, Lilly Satou, and an operator of the G4 system named Eiji. They begin to scheme on how they should tackle their new threat.

Meanwhile, the Philosopher breaks out of his confinement and retreats to the TARDIS, with Thomas soon following. They teleport, but not to their destination, but rather a crime-ridden city. Meanwhile, in a far away kingdom, a princess assigns a man named Gai to retrieve the the Ha'tak, which teleports out and arrives to the same city, where a shoot out occurs. N.A.V.I. then reveals that they are in...

The World Of Batman (43-79)


Viktor asks N.A.V.I. to contact Batman, but reveals that not only is the Batcave in-responsive, but Batman himself is retired. The Imperium decide to settle the shootout by going in via Tel'tak. Kios appears in front of Arkham Asylum, where he finds that the Joker is being interviewed, being questioned on why he retired, and asked on his thoughts on a copycat Joker. Meanwhile, a girl named Sarah gained the powers of a Weeping Angel, and Tsukasa encounters her, asking for her to join in trade for ridding her of that power. When they go to Batman's world, they came across a broken down mansion which is soon revealed to be Wayne Manor. Lewis comes and Tsukasa drops her off in his care, as he teleports off to go get some mooks.

The Imperium enter the shootout and dispatch the thug, who ran off and got himself killed by Another Joker. Kios busts out Joker and he begins to plan a coming out of retirement party, much to Kios' dismay, however, he decides to do scheme how he will take out the Imperium. The Imperium head to the home and talk to Bruce Wayne about what had happened to him. Meanwhile, The Joker invades the home via blimp and kidnap Bruce, George, and Kios (his capture was part of his plan) and take them to the chemical plant where he will have the "party". August and Michael encounter Another Joker, but manage to knock him out. Meanwhile, escaping from The Joker, Nicholas and Falkon encounters Lewis and Sarah, and after Lewis tells them about Sarah's condition, they allow them to come on the Ha'tak with them.

As the Imperium arrives to the Chemical Plant, Kios and George become "friends" and George plans their escape. As George escapes, Joker decides to burn his bridge with Kios and have him be a hostage instead. The Joker goes up to them, and give them a Sadistic Choice between Kios or Bruce, but after being called out for ripping off a similar plan from Norman Osborne, Nicholas used his sluggers to cut the ropes as George became a dragoon and saved the group. Joker, pissed beyond all relief, sends his goons after them, as Harley tries to fight Jenny, but gets her ass handed to. The mooks are defeated soundly and Joker is knocked out. Bruce wakes up just as Another Joker wakes up. Bruce confronts Another Joker, declaring he is still Batman despite lacking the devices. All while a winged figure watches them.

Viktor talks to Lewis, calling him by the name of Linkara. After a chat, he reveals that he's from another world and isn't like the Linkara he knows. Sarah meanwhile attempts to hack into the ship, but soon realizes that she's hacking into a battle A.I. instead of the main navigational A.I. She runs out, "defeated" by the effort. Soon, everyone gets back onto the Tel'tak, where Linkara slips up and blows his cover. After being called out by Kios, he leaves and goes to a boat by the Sanzu River where Tsukasa is having another villain meeting. The group then decide to seek out Sarah, who they now consider a grand threat after they talk about her powers.

Philosopher, meanwhile, approaches Bruce and offers him a chance to go back in time to save Alfred. Bruce accepts and they go back in time, where they both discover two people have been in the Manor the night it blew up: Daiki Kaito (the Original Diend), and Portgas D. Ace. After a brief battle, Kaito and Ace exchange blows that results in the destruction of the manor, albeit light. Soon, the devil that Bruce saw was revealed to Decade, and a figure comes to Philosopher, claiming to be a watcher of the past and telling him that Ace and Kaito were fated to die. When she is finished with her speech, she goes away, and the Philosopher leaves to the next world.

Meanwhile, the Imperium had caught Sarah, and have Nanabey try and extract the Power Shard from her, in an attempt to depower her. However, a mutagen inside Sarah began to become overprotective, and threatened to kill her. With the mutagen now causing her to flip between human and stone, she ran off. Soon after this, Michael confronts Kios on who he really is, but N.A.V.I. decides to teleport to the next world. Meanwhile, a ship, piloted by Gai, follows the Ha'tak into the next world. Tsukasa meanwhile had teleported to pay his respects to someone, when Lilly also arrived and comforted him. However, they soon noticed that the Imperium are also in this world, and thus they begin to prepare.

To Michael's dismay, the world they arrived in was...

The World Of Fullmetal Alchemist (79-118)

Wrath's Pride

Nicholas believes however that they arrived in a robot world, assuming that the picture of Edward's hand is really a robot hand. After taking Kios to the medbay after he vomited, Jenny decides to reveal what happened to her. Soon, Kios attempted to kill a crew member, and Michael flips his shit upon finding out that the shard Kios had was extracted from Envy, going on his shard's instinct to pummel him. However, they manged to calm Michael down enough to get Kios to start talking, as it's revealed that Envy was possessing Kios for sometime.

Meanwhile, under the order of Fuhrer Bradley, Roy Mustang attacks the Ha'tak, however he was convinced by August that the Ha'tak is really a Xing Vessel. Roy takes August with him to see Fuhrer Bradley. Meanwhile, The Philosopher wound up in the same world and came across Tsukasa, who told him that a devastating battle occurred, claiming it was caused by Red Pirates.

Back at the Ha'tak, Kios and Michael bicker some more, and while Michael showered up, Kios tries to convince Falkon of wanting more power. As Viktor, Jenny, and Nicholas talk about what to do with Kios, Kios and Falkon fight, which resulted in a nasty gash for Falkon. Kios escapes as the group try to heal Falkon. As he escaped, he contacts Tsukasa and asks him how to make both Power Shards and Red Stones. Tsukasa explains that the Shards are made by Nanabey, but the stones are made of souls. He then leaves to recruit someone to distract the Imperium: Pride.

Meanwhile, August is taken to King Bradley, who approves of the Xingese arrival, but warns them to not linger for too long, lest they panic the people who are still shellshocked from an invasion. He then explains that Dai-Shocker invaded the world and killed everyone, including Maes Hughes. Kios meanwhile is having a panic attack over the fact that he was eating people's souls. However, after some consoling with Envy, Kios raids the Ha'tak again disguised as August and kidnaps Nanabey. George and Viktor try to chase him, but are confronted by Another Bradley.

Meanwhile, Kios easily convinces Nanabey to join him, though partly because Nanabey wishes for him to keep his end of the bargain of protecting her. George manages to take down Bradley with Viktor wondering what is going on, as Another Bradley reveals that he's Pride. Soon, The Watcher appears and tells them that he, like Another Joker, is an anomaly. After she leaves, Kios, disguised as Roy comes and interrogates them about Bradley. However, the real Roy and Bradley come as Tsukasa flies in and challenges Roy to a rematch, while the two Bradleys duke it out. Viktor and George were ambushed by Mutsuki and Eiji. As Roy gets his ass handed to him, Kios interferes in the fight, and Tsukasa leaves. As Bradley finishes off Another Bradley, Roy and Kios fight nearly evenly. Soon, Nanabey extracts Bradley's Power Shard, and blows up from one of Roy's attacks. Kios and Roy continue to duke it out, before Kios was ultimately the victor, stabbing Roy and killing him, though not before Roy blew himself up.

Falkon had weird dreams where he was training as the Philosopher heals him. Eiji captures Viktor, and takes him to Tsukasa and Lilly, who develop an extractor and used it to extract a power shard from Haruno Sakura, killing her in the process. Soon, the gang comes to save Viktor, while Chirin, the horned man under Gai's employ, teleports onto the ship and attempts to take it over, but was soon thwarted. Soon, a battle ensued that ended in Dai-Shocker retreating. Soon, the Imperium retreat to get patched up, but Nicholas is left behind to be interrogated by Edward Elric, who soon gets educated that Kios killed Roy Mustang. He was almost offered to join, but soon The Watcher interfered and warned them that they will die like Roy. Taking back the offer, Viktor goes to the lab where he takes Sakura's body and takes her to the Cryo labs. Soon, after a huge meeting, the Ha'tak takes off to the new world.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa discovers that the Homunculi have been spread out, and sends Kios to a world where it contains one of the Homunculi. There, he is taken by a keet man who prompts him to register for a ghost hunting competition. The Ha'tak arrives into:

The World of Phantoms (118-185)

When The Ghosties Giggle

Kios meets up with a vampire hunter named Jeffrey who soon joins him, thinking he knows where Danny Fenton is. Another man, wearing a trenchcoat and hat, signs up for the competition under the name "Mera". Meanwhile, Nicholas and the others find out that the world they're in is really a Traverse World, a world which contains characters from multiple worlds, all while copying certain settings from those worlds. As Kios and Jeffrey exit, they come across Sarah's statued state, and soon, Mutsuki and Eiji.

Jenny, while sleeping, has nightmares about a mermaid knight. She wakes up and Viktor comforts her. Michael, meanwhile, talks to her about her situation. Nicholas goes down to check the village out, almost being run over by a white car. Soon, Viktor, Jenny, The Philosopher, and Falkon meet up with him and they soon come across the keet man who tells them about the competition. Soon after chatting up and meeting Mera, they agree to join.

They soon meet the other two competitors, Danny Phantom and The Real Ghostbusters. Meanwhile, Kios conned Sloth into being a shard and soon after convincing Jeffrey and Mary, a girl who is being manipulated by Majora, into not killing him, they head off back to the Inn. Soon, the Imperium meet up with Ikari Gai, an ex-Red Pirate who after settling a dispute of who owns the ship, tells them that he no longer cares for the Pirates or Nanabey, revealing that he had seen "The Power", which turns out to be Spiral Energy. Telling Michael that he didn't care for people who died got him angry towards Gai, and soon after having his assistant, Daring Do, sign an autograph, leave. Soon, they come across Jeffrey, who joins them, after Gai renames his team the Dai-Gurren Brigade.

Kios approaches Falkon while the others talk about the Dai-Shockers to Philosopher, and Mary goes and talks with the Dai-Gurren Brigade. Kios attempts to confront Falkon, but the other Imperium members soon appear, and are surprised when they find Nanabey with the conman. Gai suggests a bet, that whoever wins the Ghost Hunt stays with Nanabey, although the others quickly dismiss that idea, but confront Nanabey, asking who she wants to be her guardian, but Kios ends up walking away with her.

The ghost hunt begins. Mary follows Kios, still waiting for the Dai-Shockers to open a grey wall. Eiji and Mutsuki direct the ghosts towards the nearby woods, and Falkon separates himself from the group, following them. Kios and Falkon fight in the woods, but the fight is soon interrupted by Jeffrey, Mary and Philosopher, forcing Kios to run away. He stumbles upon Jenny, and does not want to fight, until Envy posseses him again. The two fight until Kios leaves to find Nanabey. A shadow clone of Viktor and Michael soon find Jenny, and after the clone disappears (so the real Viktor can obtain his memories), the two are ambushed by Eiji and Mutsuki. A fight ensues. Falkon, George and Viktor soon arrive to provide backup, however, Jenny is soon captured by Sarah and taken to a nearby cave.

Sarah attempts to convince Jenny to join her, promising that she'll be able to take down Tsukasa. Still searching for Nanabey, Kios confronts Michael and Viktor, who uses a genjutsu on him, forcing Kios to go through a living nightmare envolving Envy. After a few minutes, Michael literally slaps Kios out of the genjutsu, and forces him to tell them where Sarah is. After giving them the information, Kios runs away again, this time towards the town. Meanwhile, August wakes up, and soon teleports down to the town with one of Viktor's clones. Mary goes after Falkon while Viktor and Michael go searching for Jenny and Sarah.

Disguised as Michael, Kios once again attempts to con August, who once again sees through his disguise, and the two begin another fight. Mutsuki attacks Falkon and George, but Mary puts a sleeping spell on them, warns Tsukasa and leaves George back in town, hanged by his shirt on a lamp post, while she takes Falkon to a secluded place and puts a spell on him. Back in town, Jeffrey suffers a mental breakdown thanks to the Vampire Killer, and Kios offers August a place in the Dai-Shockers. He (surprisingly) accepts, and the two soon find Jeffrey, crying. August takes the Vampire Killer and reveals to him that he only joined Kios so he could later destroy him and the Dai-Shockers (while Kios plans the same thing, except he only wants to kill August and Michael). Another one of Viktor's clones appears and attempts to put Kios on a genjutsu, while Jeffrey gives the Vampire Killer to August, pleading him to destroy the whip.

Eventually, the contest came to a close and Puddinghead decides that the Imperium would be the winners. Giving them the box, he turns into a werewolf along with every other member in town. After being talked to by Vincent van Ghoul, Viktor has Philosopher take the box and put it into the void of the sun. While he does so, the ghost in the box soon faded away in a pink light, as a girlish voice told it that it would no longer suffer. Puddinghead meanwhile confesses that he held the contest to sacrifice people to the ghost, causing the Ghostbusters and Danny Fenton to chase him across town before he got killed by the Watcher.

Soon, everyone went back to their teams, save for Jenny and August, who were now Dai-Shocker members. After Michael getting angry over this discovery, a couple of people make it onto the ship: Mary and Ogel. After some chatting up, both Gai and Tsukasa both talk about a new mission. Tsukasa wishes to obtain a being that can become a devastating weapon, while Gai wants to harness a grand collection of Spiral Energy. Little do they know that they're both after the same thing: Walpurgisnacht.

Meanwhile, a man by the name of John, a kid by the name of Rat, and a girl by the name of Zel, all found themselves in a tomb, which soon led into a garden where weird creatures tried to cut their heads off, thinking they're flowers. John convinces one of these creatures to take them to their queen, who after discovering that she was absorbing their life energy, kills her as Kamen Rider OOO. Soon, he finds a small trinket, which he is soon asked to hand over by a girl.

The ships take off and Dai-Shocker set off, as does the Watcher, all going to the same place...

The World Of Puella Magi Madoka Magica (185-266)

How Could I Forget The Promise I Made To You, My Friend? (185 to 201)

A couple of the Imperium members instantly recognize the world from the painting, with varying reactions. Meanwhile, John and the mysterious girl knock out Rat soon after Zel starts using her paint powers. Nanabey, while the rest of the Dai-Shocker Recruits are discussing what to do, recalls a time she made a promise to Kyubey, promising to fulfill their quota by Walpurgis Night. Soon, a girl comes and asks them about Dai-Shocker. Kios tries to deflect the question and deny their involvement.

Soon, the Imperium receive a cryptic poem, warning them about a "dead end". Meanwhile, Gai sends his members away to gather a grief seed, he gets talked to by something known only as The Blue Spirit, who warns him about disrupting the balance. Soon, Gai tells her that he acts for the Drill/the Power, and the Blue Spirit offers him an alliance. The rest of the Dai-Gurren Brigade meet Mary at the hospital, where John drops Rat.

The Brigade soon begins a fight against not only some Dai-Shocker members, but also some Imperium members. However, their fight soon changes as two witches merge thanks to them being in this world. A fight between the travellers and the witch ensues, and the Dai-Shockers escape, leaving the Brigade, Imperium and some of the Magical Girls to defeat the wormwitch. The Blue Spirit warns the Dai-Shockers about the balance, and gives them a prophecy. She warns the Imperium members, and fights a bit with John, before being interrupted by Oleg. Mary catches up with the Dai-Shockers, and scares Mutsuki.

Viktor and Michael find Jenny, bound and gagged, in an alley. After Viktor goes to get the medbay prepared, Sarah captures Jenny again, taking her to an abandoned building. John, Zel and the others chase after Rat, who tricks Blue Spirit into joining his side for a moment. The little street rat runs away.

Later, The Seer speaks to the Watcher about her recent actions and then challenges her to try and not interfere as he brings in Kyouko in order to tempt her otherwise.

I Held It So Close To My Heart (201 to 226)

We Made A Vow To Carry Onward (226 to 245)

Nicholas woke up to see Madoka had followed him to the church. Meanwhile, Jenny investigates the scene, when she notices Mami's severed arm. Meanwhile, Lilly contacts Eiji and tells him that they have a mission: to obtain a devil's shard. However, while there, they are ambushed by Fate Testarossa. They defeated her soundly, with Eiji having a mental breakdown over the fact that they just killed a little girl. Meanwhile, Kyousuke was kidnapped by Hitomi, now the Crane Orphnoch, as Mami's Labyrinth is made. Various people went to take care of these two threats.

I'll See It Through (245 to 266)

Soon, Tsukasa arrives with EVA 01, though his low synch rate prompts him to switch out with the Dummy Plug and eject. However, as the unit fought the Witch, Austin uses the screwdriver to shut off the Eva's armor, and thus it acted on its own and bonds with the Witch, creating a fusion. Soon, it is defeated by John, who used the Ultra Medal to finish it off.

Tsukasa, meanwhile, as Decade, fought Nicholas, Sayaka, Kyousuke, and Kyouko before the Watcher intervened. Tsukasa overpowered her before she fired a blast at him. The damage she took caused her to shed her identity briefly, revealing her to be Akemi Homura from a future where she achieved the "best" ending. She leaves, but is soon ambushed by the Seer, telling her she failed and demoted her.

Madoka rushes to the stadium to find her family, but as some debris fall on her, Nicholas pushed her out of the way and was crushed by the debris. The Seer announced his death. Madoka, distraught by this and the loss of her family, is asked by Kyubey to form a Contract. However, Homura intervenes, though in her despair, she became a Witch.

This was exactly what Deus planned, as he interfered and took her away, making her the new Watcher of the Past. He then took her to see the Guardian, who chews out Deus for fooling around. After Deus tells him of the new Watcher's request, he complies. The wish being that there would be a world where Madoka never dies or contracts. This in turn causes Madoka to be unable to contract with Kyubey, causing much grief in her.

Meanwhile, the Philosopher tried to save Mami by faking her death and having Oleg turn her human. It works slightly, as she is now an Orphnoch. She then goes off on her merry way. Meanwhile, Nicholas is awoken by Ultraman Zero, who tells him that his sacrifice has earned him another chance at life, and hands him a Transformation Trinket. Soon, Nicholas is awoken again by Akemi Homura, this time in her Shrinking Violet Ill Girl persona, as they come across two treasure hunters, Luka Millfy and Cain, who Nicholas later exposes as Kirihiko Sonozaki. They unleash an ancient evil by the name of Ash and after exposing Cain, Nicholas and Homura high-tail it out of there, only to be ambushed by Nanashi. They were soon destroyed by an Oni known as Hibiki, who then takes Homura to a resting center in the small town of Shiroiwa.

Meanwhile, Tsukasa calls in every member to have a meeting, in which he tells them that their missions will now be headed by one of 8 commanders while the other 7 focus their attention elsewhere. He also assigns a new mission to gather some more Commanders from one world, and to keep Kios interested, tells him a Homunculi was there too. The group teleports and explores the area before finding Pride, who is now Hibiki's apprentice. Kios, as Envy, convinces Pride to join him as Nanabey takes his shard. Envy tries to attack Kios' allies, but is soon restrained.

The World Of Hibiki (266 - 315)

Hit The Beat, Keep Your Beat

The World Of Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (315 - 369)

The Night Will Last Forever

The Doctor has found himself lost in another world, and it's up to a group of heroes to rescue him!

A Big Ol' Storm Of Chaos

Daleks invade London while the Doctor's out of town.

The World of The Wizard of Oz and The Last Airbender (369 - 522)

Dark Side Over The Wicked Rainbow

We Believe In Our Beliefs As Much As They Believe In Theirs!

The World Of The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, And Katawa Shoujo (522 - 597)

Twilight Mask

K.K. Rider: The Turtle, A Terrified Town, and The King With A Boundless Army

Take Over The School

The World Of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (597 - 702)


Linkara's World (1 - 39)

Over The Fourth Barrel

Batman's World and Full Metal Alchemist's World, Again (39 - Current

To The Beginning

Our Oath Sign