Awesome: Journey Through The Multiverse

  • The opening battle between Captain Marvelous' ship and Tsukasa's Ship.
  • Batman's "I! AM! BATMAN!" speech towards Another Joker. Even Michael lampshades this trope.
  • Kios Vs. Mustang, and the climax that happens after.
  • The fight at H. N. Elly's Labyrinth.
  • Mutsuki getting the Side Basshar and his subsequent Dynamic Entry into the Mami Witchnoch's labyrinth.
  • John and the Ultraman core Medal. ALL OF IT.
  • Griga's taking over of Hyrule.
  • Daring Do pulling off a Sonic Rainboom. In outer space. Killing tons of Daleks. Making this more epic is the fact that not only was Libera Me From Hell playing in the background, but also Kamina (Yes, THAT Kamina) was backing her up by giving her advice.
  • In the recent trip to Hyrule, the moon begins falling very quickly. As opposed to finding the source of this problem, Anno begins with a much more direct approach: Using a Wave Motion Sword to shoot the moon out of the sky. Several other characters pick up on this tactic, including Anbey, Rain, April, Kuuga, and Grey Star. This results in the moon first being completely cut in half, and then both halves exploding.
  • Moerin summoning Mazinger, and using it to STOMP on her enemies. Made even more awesome due to Moe the RPer doing a rather awesome imitation of the narrator from Shin Mazinger
  • Anbey kicking Kriemhild Gretchen's ass and saving the worlds from being compiled into the barrier.
  • Gai's redemption. Simply put: He abandons his Core Drill to AkaRed in trade for his alternate counterpart's Gokai Cellular and Ranger Keys. He then goes and kicks major ass. Then, when Akakabuto became the Ursa Major Zodiarts, after a battle that weakened him, he goes to Gold Mode and has his Ranger Key manifestations attack Akakabuto individually with their own signature moves. Then, instead of doing the Giga Drill Break, he did a Zetsu Tenrou Battouga, the signature move of Gin, the dog that eventually finished off Akakabuto.