Recap / Haven S 1 E 7 Sketchy

Captain Richards has his crew wipe down their fishing boat. One of his charter passengers, Elliot Wallace, talks about an inside tip on an equity fund with his friends. Vickie comes up with the beers. Suddenly, Elliot convulses and his body folds into a ball, breaking several of his bones as he screams in agony.

Jess comes to the station and reports a prowler, but it turns out she was joking and just came to see Nathan. With Audrey's prompting, he nervously agrees to come to her house for another date. They get a call about Elliot, so they go to the docks. Eleanor examines the man and says that his bone breaks are completely straight, and that he's also covered with an unidentified black substance. Elliot is taken to the hospital. Captain Richards and his crew, which includes Vickie, her fiance Jimmy, and her father Alec, say that they don't know what happened to him. Jimmy complains about rich snobs like Elliot using their boat and bossing them around. Captain Richards reminds him that the deckhands' duty is to serve faithfully.

Nathan, Audrey, and Eleanor have lunch at The Grey Gull while discussing the case. They notice a tarp covering a table, and after some prodding, Duke explains that his restaurant is doing a surprise birthday party for someone. The officers get a call about a new case.

They go to a real estate office where Joe Santomauro has been sliced to pieces, vertically. The only witness was Alec, who claims that Joe just fell to pieces right in front of him. They find more of the black substance around the remains. Joe's agent Carol says that Joe had many enemies. They wonder if Alec was responsible. Alec says that he had been arguing with Joe. Audrey decides to test her theory and provokes him, but nothing happens. After he leaves, Nathan points out that if she had been right, he would have sliced them to pieces. The black substance is identified as sketching charcoal.

They go to the art store, where they find that Jimmy recently bought a large amount of the charcoal. They realize that if Jimmy is doing this, then they should use the element of surprise. They ask Duke to help, but he refuses, saying that Jimmy's family are among his best customers.

They ask Jess to help. Eager to help Nathan, she agrees to watch from a distance and snipe Jimmy with a tranquilizer dart if he gives any sign of doing something dangerous. They walk up to Jimmy and question him. Suddenly, Jimmy's mouth vanishes, then his eyes, leaving his face blank except for his nose. He gives a silent scream and thrashes around panicking.

They take Jimmy to Eleanor's house, where she sedates him. She agrees to look after him until the officers can figure out how to stop this Trouble. Jess wants to continue helping, but Nathan says it's too dangerous and tells her to go home. She protests, and Nathan snaps at her. Audrey says she's found out that Jimmy bought the charcoal for Vickie, an art teacher.

They visit her class, but she refuses to talk to them and tells them to leave her alone. From her comments, they realize that she doesn't know what happened to Jimmy. They search her home and find a separate wing that she uses as an art studio. A vase shatters for no apparent reason. They realize that a large number of sketches have been stolen. Audrey finds a sketch of Nathan. When she taps it, Nathan gets knocked across the room.

Audrey says they should arrest Vickie, but Nathan points out that they can't really charge her with anything. Nathan figures that the vase shattered because he stepped on its sketch. Nathan points out that Vickie would have no reason to "erase" Jimmy, so the person who stole Vickie's sketches must be the one doing this. They call in another officer to guard Nathan's sketch rather than risk moving it.

They visit Elliot at the hospital, who says that he owed Captain Richards $300,000 on a bet that he couldn't cover, and that Joe had a real estate deal with the Captain. The officers figure that Captain Richards is using Vickie's sketches to eliminate people who anger him.

They find Vickie and explain that they know what she can do. She says that Richards is holding her father Alec hostage. After he learned about her Trouble, he took a lot of her sketches. Elliot's was crumpled into a ball and Joe's was put in a shredder. When they ask why she didn't use her power against him, she explains that it only works with the first sketch that she made of a subject, and Richards has his sketch.

Later, Duke visits Richards on his boat at the docks, offering wine. They make a toast about a business deal. Audrey, Nathan, and Vickie show up and Duke goes below deck. The officers say they're on to him and order him to turn over the drawings. He reveals his trump card, a highly detailed sketch of the entire town. He orders them to surrender, and for kicks taps a building, causing the real building to shatter. He's suddenly knocked down, as Duke emerges, carrying the sketch of Richards. Duke also found Alec tied up below deck and released him. The officers quickly catch the town sketch. Enraged, Richards tackles Duke, causing his sketch to fall into the water. He starts sputtering and coughing up water. Nathan and Duke try to retrieve the sketch, but it sinks. Richards drowns.

Audrey gives all of Vickie's sketches to Eleanor and tells her to hide them in a safe place. Vickie redrew Jimmy's face.

Nathan goes on another date with Jess.

Audrey has a drink with Duke and thanks him for his help.