Recap / Haven S 1 E 6 Fur

T.R. Holt is walking out of Haven's hunting club to his car one night when a wolf mauls him to death.

The next day, Eleanor asks Audrey not to park in a certain area because of town traditions. Audrey complains. Nathan calls Audrey to the hunting club about the death. Nathan says that he finds hunting animals distasteful, but despite that he will investigate the death impartially. He reluctantly admits that his father is a member of the club. Audrey suspects that it wasn't a normal wolf attack. They confirm that Holt was arguing with Brad Donnelly before he left the building. Chief Wuornos insists the club will avenge their fallen brother and organizes a hunt to find and destroy the wolf, but Nathan and Audrey convince them to wait a day for them to investigate Donnelly.

They talk to a member named Tobias Gillespie, who says that fellow member Taylor Landon was around during the argument. Taylor joined the club to ease his grief after his wife died in a fire. They find Taylor skeet-shooting. He agrees to talk to Audrey after she impresses him with her marksmanship.

Donnelly tries to start the wolf-hunt early, but Nathan gets him and his followers to stand down. Taylor tells Audrey that the argument started when Donnelly almost shot Holt by accident. Audrey regroups with Nathan and they question Donnelly. He claims that he didn't shoot at Holt, and that they were best friends.

Vince and Dave ask about Holt's death for the newspaper. The Teagues suggest that Jess Minion, an animal rights activist who is rumored to be a witch is involved. Chief Wuornos dismisses this and says that the hunt will resume.

Donnelly goes to the refrigerator in his garage for a beer, but gets mauled to death by a wolf.

Nathan and Audrey talk to Donnelly's wife Suzanna, who says that Jess Minion put a curse on them and painted a witch mark on their fence. Audrey realizes the same symbol was near Holt's body. They go to Jess' farm. Jess asks why they didn't come sooner, and knows about them even though they have never met. She admits that she hates the hunting club, but that she hasn't done anything to them. She claims that the spirits of the animals that the hunters have slain are coming for them, and that it is justice. She neither admits nor denies that she's a witch, but warns that magic is everywhere and it's part of the Troubles. She says Nathan has been transformed by magic, but he's more than human rather than less. Audrey is more interested in her alibi, but Jess says that she had her car towed and they can confirm it with the AAA. As they leave, Nathan admits that he found Jess intriguing.

The hunting club has placed a $10,000 bounty on the wolf. Audrey suggests that Jess can compel animals. Nathan tries to defend her, and Audrey warns that his obvious crush on Jess is clouding his judgment. The Chief dismisses Audrey's theory and orders the two of them to join the hunt.

Taylor's mother Piper brings in Taylor's son Zach and asks him not to go on the hunt, but he insists. Nathan, Audrey, and Dave join the hunt. After wandering the woods for a while, the group comes across Jess' farm. The Chief ignores Nathan's advice not to enter. He almost shoots Jess' dog, but Nathan deflects his gun. A moose emerges from the woods and goes berserk, knocking Dave down and stomping on his leg. It is brought down by gunfire, but instead of flesh and blood, it is stuffed.

Nathan carries Dave to safety. The Chief admits to Audrey that of course he knows that the Troubles are real. The reason that he keeps denying it and being so dismissive is that he's trying to toughen Nathan up. He's afraid that Nathan won't be able to handle the Troubles on his own, and wishes that Audrey's gift of seeings things as they really are would rub off on him.

Nathan goes to Jess and asks if she's causing it, either with a curse or with her Trouble. Jess says that she doesn't have a Trouble, and that she isn't a witch. That's just a rumor by superstitious people. However, she insists that everything she said about Nathan is still true.

The officers investigate the hunting club's stuffed animals on display. One is a wolf with blood on its teeth. Eleanor examines it and finds Holt's finger in its stomach. A moose is missing, and they figure it was the one that attacked them, and that the Chief was the one who had originally killed it. They realize that the stuffed animals are targeting the hunters who killed them. Several more stuffed animals are missing, including a bear.

Dave is recovering on his porch when he and Vince are attacked by the bear. Audrey and Nathan show up and shoot it, but it is too big and the bullets don't do much damage to its body. They pour gasoline on it and light it ablaze, destroying it. They ask the Teagues to cover this up, and they agree. The Teagues say that Taylor was the taxidermist who stuffed most of the animals.

They confront Taylor, explaining what they know. Piper comes in, says her son is innocent, and orders them to leave. When they refuse, she attacks them with a knife. Nathan, Audrey, and Taylor restrain her, but the knife grazes Taylor's arm, and taxidermy sand pours out of it, much to his horror. He runs away. Piper says she can feel the animals are waking up.

As they go after them, Piper explains that she helped Taylor stuff all those animals. Her Trouble activated when the same fire that killed Taylor's wife killed him as well. She stuffed him, then wished with all her heart that he was alive again. It worked, but now the animals that she helped stuff are coming back as well.

They follow him to the hunting club, where Taylor is about to attack the stuffed animals with an axe. The officers grab him and pull him out, but Piper locks herself in. She shouts that it is her that the animals want. They all come to life and kill her. As soon as she dies, they return to normal. Taylor is of course upset over the loss of his mother.

The Teagues publish a story about rabies infecting the wolves, which the town believes. Taylor wonders if Audrey and Nathan will destroy him, but Audrey says he must live for his son. He laments that he isn't even real. Nathan cuts his hand and explains that he couldn't feel it. The two of them have a lot in common. Just because they are slightly different from regular humans, doesn't mean that they aren't human. Taylor takes this to heart and goes home to his son.

Nathan apologizes to Jess for believing the rumors that she was a witch and for accusing her of causing the incidents. He nervously asks her out and she agrees.

Eleanor examines Piper's body and finds that she was stuffed as well. Audrey says that they shouldn't tell Taylor, for he might start the cycle over again with his son. Eleanor tells her not to be upset about it, and promises to find out what she can about Lucy.