Recap: Gargoyles S 1 Awakening

  • Story Arc: Xanatos
  • Characters: Xanatos, the Manhattan Clan
  • Enemy(ies) : Vikings, Xanatos and the Steel Clan

Originally released on a VHS Movie Box set (with a Board Game), the episode was broken up into 5 parts for Syndication.

They are
  • Part I - the boys are sent to the Rookeries, Viking Attack the Castle
  • Part II - The Manhattan Clan is Frozen, while Demona is apparently destroyed.
  • Part III - Detective Maza searches the Castle
  • Part IV - Demona is revealed to be alive and reunites with the Clan
  • Part V - The Clan and Demona attack a facility, causing a break up between The Clan and Demona.

This Episode contains the following Tropes: