Recap / Gargoyles


Gargoyles is a show known for its story arcs (despite shifting between them), impressive amount of continuity, character development and subversions of many tropes.

See the Main Article for stuff on the show overall, and below for Episode Specific ones.

Story Arcs

As a quick guide to the Story Arcs, they are as follows:
  • Xanatos
    • Focusing on Dr. Sevarius: Covered in S2E2, S2E27, S2E51
      • Focusing on the Labyrinth: Covered in S2E19, S2E26, S2E48
      • Focusing on Thailog: Covered in S2E16, S2E29, S2E48
  • the Pack
  • Tony Dracon and the Turf War: Covered in S1E8, S2E6, S2E18, S2E47
  • the Archmage's Rise to Power and Subsequent Fall:
    • Focusing on the Archmage: S1E11, S2E8, S2E21, S2E22, S2E23
    • Focusing on Demona and Macbeth: S1E9, S2E4, S2E9, S2E10, S2E11, S2E12, S2E13, S2E29
    • Focusing on the Weird Sisters:
    • Focusing on the Hunters:

Season 1

A season with no Opening Narration, lasting 13 Episodes.

Season 2

The first and only season with Goliath's Opening Narration, lasting 52 Episodes.

World Tour Arc

Back in Manhattan

Gargoyles: Clan-Building

The Gargoyles universe is expanded in the comic books written by Greg Weisman for Slave Labor Graphics. Officially Canon and Lasting 12 Issues. The first two issues are a retelling of the first episode of The Goliath Chronicles, and the series diverges from there.

The Halloween Party

  • 6: Reunion

The Stone of Destiny

  • 7: The Rock
  • 8: Rock & Roll
  • 9: Rock of Ages


  • 10: The Gate
  • 11: Tyrants
  • 12: Phoenix

Season 3: The Goliath Chronicles

No Opening Narration, Officially Non-Canonnote  and Lasting 13 Episodes.

  • 1: The Journey
  • 2: Ransom
  • 3: Runaways
  • 4: Broadway Goes Hollywood
  • 5: A Bronx Tail
  • 6: The Dying Of The Light
  • 7: And Justice For All
  • 8: Genesis Undone
  • 9: Generations
  • 10: ...For It May Come True
  • 11: To Serve Mankind
  • 12: Seeing Isn't Believing
  • 13: Angels In The Night