Recap / Doctor Who S4 E1 "The Smugglers"
Please, you think you can intimidate Hartnell with a knife? This man has crossed swords with crusaders and lived to tell the tale!
The Doctor: You are now traveling through time and space.
Ben: Yes, well, make sure I get back by tea-time!

Season four kicks off with another historical tale, this time in 17th century Cornwall as the Doctor and new companions Polly and Ben get involved in a search for hidden treasure, smuggling and kidnap - all the pirate movie staples, but this time in Cornwall instead of the Caribbean.

The Doctor inadvertently hears a rhyme telling the location of the treasure and is kidnapped by the pirates. He escapes, but is eventually forced to tell them the rhyme anyway, and the treasure is found - just as the feared "Revenue Men" turn up with the local militia. In the ensuing fight, most of the pirates are killed and the travellers make their escape.

The story can be watched here.