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Recap / Doctor Who S4 E8 "The Faceless Ones"

Hide and Seek: Extreme Edition
It's a flying beastie!
Jamie meets his first aeroplane

The Doctor contrives to land the TARDIS in the middle of a runway at Gatwick Airport, narrowly missing being flattened by an incoming airliner. As the travellers scatter to avoid being arrested, Polly witnesses a murder in a hangar and is then kidnapped by the murderer, a representative of "Chameleon Tours", while Ben vanishes mysteriously. The Doctor and Jamie try unsuccessfully to convince the authorities of foul play, before discovering that a number of young people have disappeared on Chameleon Tours holidays.

It turns out an alien race called the Chameleons have lost their own faces and identities due to an accident on their home planet and have been kidnapping the young people to appropriate theirs. The Doctor helps them to find another solution to their problem in exchange for releasing the human hostages.

Ben and Polly discover that they have returned to Earth on the very day they disappeared, and decide to stay behind while the Doctor gets ready to depart with Jamie: but hold on - where's the TARDIS?