Recap / Death Note Ep 01 Rebirth

In a world known as the Shinigami Realm, a shinigami named Ryuk is watching the others gambling. They ask to join him, but he refuses out of boredom.

Meanwhile, in Japan, a student named Light Yagami is in boredom as well as the students don't pay too much to the teacher and spend their time chatting with each other and playing handheld games. He manages to answer the teacher's question of translating a sentence into English. As he walks home after school, he has thoughts of how the world is becoming rotten. Ryuk has the same thoughts as well.

Light finds himself in another boring day at school. All that is about to change when he sees a black notebook falling from the sky. As he picks it up, no one seems to pay any attention to it. He sees that it is a Death Note and reads the first rule: "The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die". Not believing it, he drops it back to the ground, only to pick it up moments later. He reads the rest of the rules as he goes home and dismisses it as "pretty detailed for a prank". Still curious on the subject, he tries it out on the criminal named Kurou Otoharada and waits for 40 seconds to see if he will die of a heart attack. 40 seconds have passed and there's no news of his death; Light concludes that it's just a prank after all.

However, just as he is about to turn off the TV, he noticed that not only the hostages are free, but also Otoharada is found dead inside. Despite this, he thinks it's just a coincidence. His mother is calling him to go to cram school so he decided to test the Death Note. Inside school, Light has thoughts of killing Sudou, a bully, but he must avoid killing people that he knows of. Walking home after school, he thinks about if he's really doing society a favor by killing people. Light witnesses a girl about to get raped by a biker gang member named Takuo Shibumaru. Entering a convenient store, he wrote down his name and his cause of death, "accident". Seeing this happened, Light concludes that the Death Note is real after all.

In the Shinigami Realm, Ryuk tells his fellow shinigami that he dropped his Death Note, and his own way of getting it back is to go to the human world.

At a rainy night, Light arrives home from school with passing grades, much to his mother's excitement. Going into his room, he looks at the Death Note to see the names of the people he wrote down. Suddenly, he is surprised by Ryuk being amused about enjoying it.

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