Recap / Burn Notice S 2 E 1 Breaking And Entering

The season begins with Michael sat in the back of a lorry. After some shooting and explosions the door opens and Michael gets a phone call from Carla. She tells him to take Jimmy who is tied up on the tarmac and go back to Miami as she has a job for him. She reveals Jimmy's family are being held hostage.

When they get back to Miami it transpires Carla had asked Jimmy to steal data from a security company he installed the IT for. Michael agrees to help him do the job and get his family back. He goes undercover as Terry Millar to meet Rider Stahl who runs the company, posing as a British gem miner who wants a Kenyan village "dealt" with.

After a few hiccups Michael gets a look at their security arrangements and maps a way round them. He and Jimmy break in and manage to download the files. Unfortunately Jimmy triggers an alarm and they have to make a speedy escape by rappeling out of the window.

Jimmy's life is in now in danger as Rider knows he is behind the theft. Undeterred Mike, Sam and Fi lure Rider out to the docks and get him busted for blowing up a boat and possession of guns linked to a double homicide.

Jimmy gets his family back and decides to flee leaving his convertible Saab as payment for Michael's help. Meanwhile Michael and Sam get a glimpse of Carla as she leaves a crossword puzzle for Michael in a bar.